BCS Ninth Anniversary 50% Off One-Day Ebook Sales!

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Beneath Ceaseless Skies Issue #235, Ninth Anniversary Double-Issue cover - click to view full sizeLeading up to the ninth anniversary of BCS next week, we’re cutting the price on BCS ebook bundles in half!

In nine years, BCS has published over 230 issues. Weightless has them all as single issues or in bundles, of 25 issues for $14.99 and 50 issues for $27.99. We’re putting those bundles on sale 50% off for each day leading up to BCS‘s Ninth Anniversary Double-Issue next Thursday.

It starts with BCS #1-#50 for 50% off today, then #51-#100 for 50% off tomorrow, then #101-150 on Monday, and so on. But each set of bundles will be 50% off for one day only!

Get great BCS issues delivered straight to your e-reader or phone for 50% off. Grab back issues you might have missed, and help support BCS at the same time. But act fast; each set of bundles will be 50% off for one day only!

Today 9/21, 50% off:

BCS #1-25 $7.49 (Marie Brennan, Saladin Ahmed, Chris Willrich, K.D. Wentworth, Holly Phillips)

BCS #26-50 $7.49 (Yoon Ha Lee, Aliette de Bodard, Rachel Swirsky, Marissa Lingen, Vylar Kaftan)

BCS #1-50 $13.99

Friday 9/22, 50% off:

BCS #51-75 $7.49 (Richard Parks, Steve Rasnic Tem, Genevieve Valentine, Cat Rambo, Marko Kloos)

BCS #76-100 $7.49 (Yoon Ha Lee, Kat Howard, Seth Dickinson, Chris Willrich, Kenneth Schneyer, Mike Allen)

BCS #51-100 $13.99

Monday 9/25, 50% off:

BCS #101-125 $7.49 (Gregory Norman Bossert , M. Bennardo, Marissa Lingen, Tori Truslow)

BCS #126-150 $7.49 (Gemma Files, Aliette de Bodard, Yoon Ha Lee, Seth Dickinson, Rahul Kanakia)

BCS #101-150 $13.99

Tuesday 9/26, 50% off:

BCS #151-175 $7.49 (Helen Marshall, Fran Wilde, Bruce McAllister, Carrie Vaughn, Rich Larson)

BCS #176-200 $7.49 (Catherynne M. Valente, Kameron Hurley, Rose Lemberg, Caroline M. Yoachim, Jason Sanford)

BCS #151-200 $13.99

Wednesday 9/27, 50% off:

BCS #201-234 $7.49 (A.M. Dellamonica, Mishell Baker, Marie Brennan, Richard Parks, Caroline M. Yoachim, Rose Lemberg, Tony Pi, Rachael K. Jones)

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