August 2013 Bestsellers


It’s all mags here, dontcha read books?? But the magazines moved around in fun ways with Interzone popping onto the chart even though it’s only in pdf at the moment—tablet readers: this is one for you!

It’s great to see the positive reception to the new Cheeky Frawg editions of Michael Cisco’s books.

Also, congratulations to Karen Tidbeck, whose story “Augusta Prima” from the collection Jagannath—#5 on the chart this month—just picked up a Science Fiction and Fantasy Translation Award!

August Books/Individual Magazines

  1. Lord of the White Hell Book One & Book Two, Ginn Hale
  2. New York Review of Science Fiction #299
    The Divinity StudentMichael Cisco
  3. Lightspeed, #39
  4. The GolemMichael Cisco
    The Traitor
    Michael Cisco
  5. Jagannath, Karin Tidbeck


  1. Clarkesworld Magazine
  2. New York Review of Science Fiction Subscription
  3. Apex Magazine
  4. Interzone
  5. Galaxy’s Edge Magazine

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