A year of excellent reading!

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One Small Step, an anthology of discoveries cover - click to view full sizeWe just got the loveliest email from Allen L. who says:

Another tidbit. I bought more  products from and through your site than from all other sites combined last year. Your vendors would have gotten no sales without Weightless to introduce them.

In return I’ve learned an amazing amount on topics that I did know existed, been introduced to authors that have held me spellbound for hours and hours at a time, and had the pleasure of being introduced to other sites like Weightless where “unknown” authors have a forum for their voices and their work.

Thanks for a great year of excellent reading.  I’m looking forward to an an even better 2014.

Thanks, Allen!

That reminds me I haven’t posted a Bestseller list for either December or 2013, better get cracking on that. (Hmm. So, Thursday, then?)

To tide you over: FableCroft just dropped the price of the anthology One Small Step from $9.99 to $7.99.

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