Welcome featherproof books!

It’s a big day here as we’re adding ebooks from a publisher new to Weightless: the superb Chicago indie featherproof books.We have half a dozen of their titles to start with—and will be adding more as they’re published in paper. Some of these files are huge due to their intensely designed interiors and us wanting to provide a quality (DRM-free, natch) hi-res file. The files could be even more huge if you want—you tell us.

Titles include Blake Butler’s Scorch Atlas, Zach Plague’s Boring Boring Boring Boring Boring Boring (which is anything but boring—and is only $2.99!), and books from Christian TeBordo, Amelia Gray, Susannah Felts, and Jonathan Messinger.

We also added two ebooks by Judith Moffett who was in the right place at the right time and asked about adding her titles when we were looking for a few test cases. (Thanks Judy!) We’ve just posted her first novel, Penterra, and her most recent novel, The Bird Shaman, which is part 3 of The Holy Ground trilogy. Neither Judith nor we are sure if we are able to get the rights to the first two books, but we’re getting this one up here as a start. Both books are huge big anthropological sf reads and come in at $4.95 and $5.95.

All the books going up today are PDFs. We have a few more epubs coming soon and next week, well, that’s next week. First: check out everything we have from featherproof.

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