2013.5 bestsellers

Thought it might be fun to looks at the bestsellers for the first half of the year. Since subscriptions are doing so well, I’ve put them first. What’s amazing to me is how popular Ginn Hale’s The Rifter still is, even though it came out more than a year ago. That’s a pageturner in action! Clarkesworld was the top seller on the site although new magazine Galaxy’s Edge, since they were beginning from zero, added quite a few subscribers. I’m glad to see LCRW and Electric Velocipede on the chart making their way in among these online giants.

As ever, thanks for choosing DRM-free books and magazines from this alterna-indie-ebookstore!


  1. Clarkesworld Magazine
  2. Galaxy’s Edge Magazine
  3. Lightspeed Magazine
  4. New York Review of Science Fiction
    The Rifter, Ginn Hale
  5. Beneath Ceaseless Skies Magazine
  6. Apex Magazine
  7. Locus Magazine
  8. Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet: An Occasional Outburst
  9. Nightmare Magazine
  10. Electric Velocipede


Ginn Hale is still a juggernaut on the site, but the rest of the top ten shows how varied and eclectic Weightless readers’ tastes can be. From translations (2! Jagganath and Trafalgar) to the Fairy Tale Review, the top 10 also shines a spotlight on how popular short story collections are here. Yay! go Yoon Ha Lee, Kij Johnson, Dean Francis Alfar, &c!

  1. Ginn Hale et al, Irregulars
  2. Lord of the White Hell Book One & Book Two, Ginn Hale
  3. The Archer’s Heart, Astrid Amara
  4. Jagganath, Karin Tidbeck
    At the Mouth of the River of Bees, Kij Johnson
  5. Conservation of Shadows, Yoon Ha Lee
    Wicked Gentlemen, Ginn Hale
  6. A Stranger in Olondria, Sofia Samatar
  7. Trafalgar by Angelica Gorodischer
  8. Clarkesworld: Year Three
  9. Fairy Tale Review Special, Kate Bernheimer et al
  10. How to Traverse Terra Incognita, Dean Francis Alfar
  11. Women and Monsters by J. M. McDermott


Why did these issues of these magazines float to the top? For LCRW the answer is easy: #28 is the most recent issue. For the others, it’s less obvious, although the indie publishing focus of the May issue of Locus definitely caught readers’ attention.

  1. Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet No. 28
  2. New York Review of Science Fiction #292 Ebook
  3. New York Review of Science Fiction #293
    Lightspeed Magazine, #32
  4. Locus (#628), May 2013
  5. Clarkesworld Magazine, #76

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