2010 and December Bestsellers


2010 was a lot of fun here at Weightless and huge thanks go to all the curious readers who came, looked around, and picked up some books—as well, of course, as to all those publishers who signed up with us: Blind Eye Books first and everyone since.

The post-Xmas sale went over fantastically: December sales were double November’s—and November had been our best month ever. Don’t know that January can live up to that kind of pressure. Wooee! Which means we have some nice royalties to pay out this month on the last quarter. Whoopee for sharing the joy.

In 2011 we’re going to be adding more publishers, we have a huge serial coming, there will be more zines and subscriptions, and generally more of everything. We’re determined to make Weightless the number one alternative site for DRM-free ebooks from a whole host of interesting publishers. We’re open to adding more features, you tell us what you want and we’ll see if we can do it.

I cheated a bit with the 2010 bestseller list by combining the sales of the three parts of Astrid Amara’s  The Archer’s Heart together. In the future, we might put up bestsellers for each press (will think about that as we add more titles) and maybe to combine all the issues of the magazines per year (LCRW would been in #5 and Fairy Tale Review in #8). Playing with numbers: so much time-wasting possibilities!

Ginn Hale dominated the December and 2010 lists—and we have good news for Hale fans: Rifter is coming!—but didn’t quite have enough titles to fill the Top 5 in December or the Top 10 for the year. So far this year she’s duking it out with the Lightspeed Magazine eSubscription which is getting rave reviews from readers. We had a subscription blip when the website (that thing that Michael works on while I fly about the world giving after dinner speeches about ebooks) decided that the year changing meant it should go back in time and send the October issue out instead of the January issue. Technology: it’s weird. But he fixed it, as per usual, and now it is happily delivering the correct books to the right people.

Thanks for reading and for helping us provide an alternative space on the web for great DRM-free ebooks!


  1. Lord of the White Hell Book One, Ginn Hale
  2. Wicked Gentlemen, Ginn Hale
  3. Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet Subscription
  4. Feral Machines , Ginn Hale
  5. A Working Writer’s Daily Planner 2011
    Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet No. 26

2010 Bestsellers

  1. Wicked Gentlemen, Ginn Hale
  2. The Archer’s Heart, Astrid Amara
  3. Lord of the White Hell Book One, Ginn Hale
  4. Feral Machines , Ginn Hale
  5. Turnskin, Nicole Kimberling
  6. Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet Subscription
  7. Two Tangled Tales, Astrid Amara
  8. Redemption in Indigo, Karen Lord
  9. A Working Writer’s Daily Planner 2011
  10. Fairy Tale Review Special

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