Two Tangled Tales

Two stories by Astrid Amara—author of The Archer’s Heart.

Amara tells tales of two kinds of love. In the fairy-tale world “Lord Ronan’s Shoes,” young Evander must be clever enough to divine the origin of a curse, while attempting to satisfy the very demanding Lord Ronan.

And in “Remember,” Victorian gentleman Alexander Clark is charged with finding a magician named Obscurity. Will he also find true love along the way?

Originally included in the Tangle anthology, “Lord Ronan’s Shoes” and “Remember” are sure to please fans of Ms. Amara’s romantic work.

“‘Lord Ronan’s Shoes’ . . . was thoroughly delightful. It had a fairy tale quality that I loved and I also enjoyed the way it mixed folktale tropes like the crone, the enchanted boots and the thicket of brambles that grew around Lord Ronan’s house with elements I don’t usually associate with fairy tales, like the lives of servants or the M/M relationship.”
Dear Author

“Lord Ronan’s Shoes”

Evander soon learned that his new master was a hard man, greatly feared by all who worked for him.  The first piece of advice Evander received was from Lord Ronan’s butler and Master of Servants, Mr. Manfrey, who advised Evander never to make eye contact with the lord, as it would inevitably lead to a thrashing.

But unlike the other servants, Evander found it difficult to keep his eyes off Lord Ronan.


As I shaved, I noted a bite mark on my neck. I attempted to recall the moment, but the evening was already fading from my mind. The memories of my affairs, plagued by guilt, always seemed anxious to dispel themselves. It was a great pity, this failing memory of mine. I wanted to fall back on these dangerous affairs to last me through the long years of my impending marriage. And yet here I was, less that twelve hours past my latest sin, and I could hardly recall the gentleman’s face, let alone his intimate affections.

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