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The Rifter is a 10-part series which will be completed in a total of 12 months.

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The Rifter is a ten-part serialized novel by award-winning author, Ginn Hale. The first episode, The Shattered Gates, was published on March 8, 2011. The final installment, His Holy Bones, was published on December 13th, 2011.

It is available as a zipped file of the 10 installments in the format of your choice (pdf, epub, mobi, lit). There will not be a one-volume edition in the foreseeable future as the 1000+ page ebook would be too unwieldy. However, there is a now a three volume print edition available from Blind Eye Books:

The Rifter One: The Shattered Gates (First 3 ebooks: The Shattered Gates, Servant of the Crossed Arrows, and Black Blades)
The Rifter Two: The Holy Road (Next 4 ebooks: Witches’ Blood, The Holy Road, Broken Fortress, and Enemies and Shadows)
The Rifter Three: His Sacred Bones (Final 3 ebooks: The Silent City, The Iron Temple, and His Holy Bones)

When John opens a letter addressed to his missing roommate, Kyle, he expects to find a house key, but instead he is swept into a strange realm of magic, mysticism, revolutionaries and assassins. Though he struggles to escape, John is drawn steadily closer to a fate he share with Kyle—to wake the destroyer god, the Rifter, and shatter a world.

“The true sorcery here is in Ginn Hale’s writing, which is by turns funny, fierce and lyrical. I can’t say enough good things about her work. Rifter is an astonishing story: terrifying and yet romantic. I was bewitched from the first sentence.”
—Josh Lanyon

“Hale is a master storyteller.”
—Jessewave Reviews

Read an excerpt.

Individual Installments

Rifter 1: The Shattered Gates
Rifter 2: Servant of the Crossed Arrows (April)
Rifter 3: Black Blades (May)
Rifter 4: Witches’ Blood (June)
Rifter 5: The Holy Road (July)
Rifter 6: Broken Fortress (August)
Rifter 7: Enemies and Shadows (September)
Rifter 8: The Silent City (October)
Rifter 9: The Iron Temple (November)
Rifter 10: His Holy Bones (December)

Praise for Ginn Hale

“An intricate world, well-integrated social issues, believable sexual encounters, and an interesting mystery make this dense, languorous tale appealing for any fan of romantic fantasy.”
Publisher’s Weekly

“Lushly detailed, with believable, fully developed characters, this fantasy with homoerotic overtones is reminiscent of Mercedes Lackey’s Vanyel novels and should appeal to a similar readership.”
Library Journal

“This ingenious fantasy romance continues to resonate in my imagination.”
—Drewey Wayne Gunn, Lambda Literary Report

“Hale is a natural storyteller, and knows how to plot. It’s hard to believe that this is a first effort. I found both sections of the novel unputdownable.”
—Craig Gidney, Fantasy Book Spot

Wicked Gentlemen… is so sharply observed, so uniquely constructed, so original, and so touching in places that I have to give it a high recommendation.”
—Janine, Dear Author

About the Author

Ginn Hale lives in the Pacific Northwest, donates blood as a pastime, and tinkers with things. She is the author of The Lord of the White Hell (Blind Eye Books), Wicked Gentlemen (Spectrum Award Winner; Lambda Award Finalist; Blind Eye Books), “Feral Machines” in Tangle (Blind Eye Books), “Touching Sparks” in Hell Cop (Loose Id), “Such Heights” in Hell Cop 2 (Loose Id), and “Shy Hunter” in Queer Wolf (Queered Fiction). She is currently working on a sequel to Wicked Gentlemen.

· Visit the author’s web site.

12 Responses to “The Rifter Subscription”

  1. Jackie Wachob says:

    I’m interested in pre-ordering The Rifter series and am wondering if you expect each installment to be a similar length & price as Book One? Making the pre-order a savings of $10.00? Also, do I understand correctly that the links would be available indefinitely in My Library? I’m concerned that I could miss the three day window via the email link. Thanks for the info.

    • Gavin says:

      Hi Jackie, all the installments are about the same length and will all be $3.99 each. And, yes, once you register on Weightless using your Paypal email all your titles will always show be in your Library,



  2. Jane says:

    When i read Wicked Gentlemen I was absolutely mesmerized by her writing…….her story. I wanted more and more and more. Now I see she is writing a sequel!

    At the time I read Wicked Gentlemen she had nothing more written. Now I will check out her other stories.

  3. aly says:

    My Q:
    If I ordered the serial in 1 format am I tied to that format?Or can I request other formats too if I have proof I bought the series already? I sometimes switch reading devices and what worked for 1 devices does not necessarily translate the same for the other one
    Any chance of bundle (all formats?)

  4. aly says:

    Never mind, I Just found the answer ^^


  5. Michael says:

    Aly: Good! :) For anyone else who’s wondering, the answer is here:

  6. Jackie Wachob says:

    Hi. Just wondering what’s happening with #7? I would normally have the email link by this point in the day. Thanks.

  7. E. A. V. says:

    Please post…I am dying for the next installment!

  8. Jackie Wachob says:

    Got it! Thanks.

  9. Urb says:

    I have read Wicked Gentlemen about the times. I have it in print, and as an eBook. I think it is one of the most perfect things ever written! I have read the first of The Rifter series and I am hooked!

    Also: waiting for that Wicked Gentleman sequel! Wow!

  10. Michi says:


    Quick (dumb, I am certain) question: How do the printed editions correlate with the e-serializations? For instance, does Book 1, The Shattered Gates, contain the individual installments of 1-3? I own book 1 & 2 in print and I’m considering buying the rest of this excellent series, but I haven’t decided if I can wait until October for the printed version. (Who am I kidding? I can’t wait.)

    Any help appreciated.

    Much Thanks.

    • Gavin says:

      Hi Michi, not a dumb question at all, thanks for pointing out that how the print volumes relate to the ebooks is not up anywhere — I’ll add it to this page next. Here are the print volumes and ebooks:

      The Rifter One: The Shattered Gates (First 3 ebooks: The Shattered Gates, Servant of the Crossed Arrows, Black Blades)
      The Rifter Two: The Holy Road (Next 4 ebooks: Witches’ Blood, The Holy Road, Broken Fortress and Enemies and Shadows)
      The Rifter Three: His Sacred Bones (Final 3 ebooks: The Silent City, The Iron Temple, and His Holy Bones)

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