Just Added: LONTAR subscriptions

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    Hey, we just added a new subscription: LONTAR: The Journal of Southeast Asian Speculative Fiction. It is indeed the world’s “only biannual literary journal focusing on Southeast Asian speculative fiction.” Previous issues have presented speculative writing from and about Singapore, the Philippines, Taiwan, Korea, Indonesia, Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, and Malaysia, and contributors have won major literary awards in Singapore, USA, the UK, Japan, and the Philippines.

    Curious? Read a couple of interviews!

    LONTAR Special: Interview with Dean Francis and Nikki Alfar

    E. C. Myers


    Which Model for Ebook Subscription Sites

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    I’m a big fan of ebook subscriptions and I can see that ebook serial fiction is a huge and growing part of reading — I swear half of the NYTimes bestseller list is usually serial mysteries — and I’m curious about how ebook subscription services such as Oyster will do. (Weightless has no plans in this arena!)

    The elephant in the room is licensing. I use Netflix streaming and half the time I look for something, it’s not there. Which doesn’t exactly encourage me to go back. As I understand it, movies disappear because the movie studios would like a higher payment from Netflix and Netflix are stuck, because if they pay one studio more, then all the rest will be clamoring for higher payments.

    So while Spotify and iTunes Radio and so on seem to be very well, it does make me wonder which way ebook subscription services will fall out: movies (limited selection, things come and go) or music (even the old standouts sign up eventually)? I figure by the end of the year, we’ll have a pretty good idea!




    While testing and being all happy about a reminder email to subscribers that their subscription to LCRW had expired I made some kind of huge mistake and emailed thousands of non-LCRW subscribers that their (nonexistent) subscription has expired.

    My apologies to all and sundry!

    Special Offer: Weird Tales Subscription Trade-in

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    In light of recent revelations regarding the new management at Weird Tales and Ann Vandermeer’s resignation as senior contributing editor, it occurs to us some of our customers might not want to wait out the terms of their existing Weird Tales e-subscriptions.

    We don’t blame you.

    A special offer, then: email us or comment on this post, and we’ll transfer the value of your remaining issues to any other magazine we carry.

    May we suggest one of the following?

    Fireside, PM, Wildside

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    Fireside Magazine – Issue 1 (pre-order) cover

    Next week’s going to be a big week here: we’re going to be adding 100+ titles from the fab West Coast publisher PM Press. You might know them from their novella+ books they’ve published by Ursula K. Le Guin, Cory Doctorow, and more, but they publish tons more. Last Christmas I gave someone Pistoleros!: The Chronicles of Farquhar McHarg — how can you wrong with the real story of a Glasgow boy dropped by chance into Barcelona’s revolutionary underworld at end of the Great War—and now writing his memoirs as fast as he can because he fears he’s next on the assassin’s list? They have tons of great books on their list and we’re proud to be bringing them to you, as ever!, DRM-free.

    Over the next week or two we’ll be adding something like 500(!) Wildside Press titles. A lot of them are titles that it is awesome that they are in available as ebooks. More on those as we get them online. (For publishers only: we’re now working with Ingram CoreSource, so we can now get your titles from them. Ooh!)

    And: we just added a new magazineFiresidewhich will launch on April 17th.

    I first heard of Fireside’s Kickstarter campaign on a blog (Genreville?) and figured it would be worth supporting and I was happy to be one of 254 backers who pledged $7,000+ to get the first issue out the door. Of course once there was one issue . . . there had to be another, so now we are also selling subscriptions (which only seem to be $8 for 4 issues, which is 50% off the issue price, just saying . . . ).

    While I’ve been slowly writing this post Fireside has been outselling Irregulars. Will it be able to keep up the pace? It’s a challenge!

    Anyway, it’s the weekend (well, in publishing Friday afternoon = the weekend) so I hope y’all have something good to read!


    Welcoming Locus Magazine

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    Locus February 2012 (#613) cover - click to view full sizeWeightless Books is very happy to announce that they have added the digital edition of Locus Magazine, “The Magazine of the Science Fiction & Fantasy Field.”

    Subscriptions and individual issues are available as well as back issues going back to January 2011.

    As with all Weightless Books titles, Locus is available DRM-free. Readers can choose either pdf, epub, or mobi format.

    Locus is a monthly magazine which has covered the science fiction and fantasy field since 1968. Locus publishes news of the science fiction publishing field with extensive reviews and listings of new science fiction books and magazines. The magazine is published from Oakland, California. It was co-founded, published, and edited by Charles N. Brown until his death in 2009; the current editor-in-chief is Liza Groen Trombi.

    The latest issue is the February 2012 issue which features:

    — the annual Year in Review essays
    — the Locus 2011 Recommended Reading List
    — an interview with Joe Haldeman
    — reviews of new books by Tim Powers, Ted Kosmatka, William Gibson, Catherynne M. Valente, Sarah Monette, Matthew Hughes, Cory Doctorow, and more.

    Apex subscription drive

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    Western MA happens to be buried under 20+ inches of snow this November morning. Though Weightless floats above the mess, its lowly supporters under the drifts are operating at half-capacity. There may be a more elaborate/official announcement when the power comes back on, but for now:

    November is Apex Magazine Subscription Drive month! Subscriptions are 25% off the regular price of $19.95, and at the end of the month, each new subscriber will recieve two free eBooks, Descended from Darkness Vol 1 AND Descended from Darkness Vol 2, the anthologies that gathered the first two years of Apex Magazine.

    Ten random subscribers will also win a trade paperback of Apex’s Stoker Award-nominated anthology DARK FAITH (featuring Jay Lake, Catherynne M. Valente, Mary Robinette Kowal, Brian Keene, Lavie Tidhar, Ekaterina Sedia, Tom Piccirilli, Alethea Kontis, and 23 others!).

    And! If they reach 200 new subscriptions (this will include readers who add 12 months to their current subscription and new subscribers), Apex will award one random subscriber a . . .

    . . . new and shiny Barnes & Noble Nook Color Nook Tablet!

    Super-Light and PortableSupported File Types

    And as if all that wasn’t enough… we’re welcoming two new presses this week! Circlet Press starts off with three titles of speculative erotica edited by J. Blackmore, and Twelfth Planet Press with the first two volumes of their Twelve Planets novel series (which they promise will be available as a single subscription starting with the third volume), and a pawn-shaped poem from Karen Joy Fowler (!).

    Last Chance to Get in on the Lightspeed and Fantasy Subscription Drive

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    Lightspeed Magazine Issue 13Fantasy Magazine #53Readercon starts tomorrow, which means tonight at midnight marks the end of the Lightspeed and Fantasy subscription drive: your last chance to get in on a year’s worth of two excellent magazines at 25% off, get two extra Prime ebooks free on the bargain, plus all the other crazy bonus stuff mentioned here.

    A big thank you to everyone who’s participated. The drive has been a big hit so far, and we’re sure to be trying this again in the near future with some of our other magazines. So be sure to stop by in August!

    Win a Nook Simple Touch in the Lightspeed & Fantasy Subscription Drive

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    NOOK Home screenWe’re excited to kick off our first subscription drive and very happy that it’s for two excellent magazines: Lightspeed Magazine and Fantasy Magazine. There are many reasons to subscribe: both magazines are edited by John Joseph Adams and feature fiction and interviews with top class authors such as Bruce Sterling, Anne McCaffrey, Alaya Dawn Johnson, Stephen Baxter, Holly Phillips, Nnedi Okorafor, and more, more, more. Both are delivered by email to you at the start of each month. Nothing could be simpler!

    But that’s just for starters:

    Every new subscriber to Lightspeed Magazine will receive a free copy of Federations. (Featuring Lois McMaster Bujold, Orson Scott Card, George R.R. Martin, Robert Silverberg and more.)

    Every new subscriber to Fantasy Magazine will receive a free copy of The Way of the Wizard. (Featuring Neil Gaiman, Ursula K. Le Guin, George R. R. Martin, Robert Silverberg, Kelly Link, and more.)

    Save! Subscribe to both Lightspeed Magazine and Fantasy Magazine and receive free copies of The Way of the Wizard and Federations and save 25%! Twelve issues each of these magazines, two anthologies: all for $29.95!

    Lightspeed Magazine Issue 13

    And! At the end of the drive, we’ll throw all the new subscribers’ (in the US & Canada) names in a hat and randomly pick 10 winners who will receive: T-shirts from Kobo, Small Beer Press, and Weightless Books, as well as a selection of titles (paper or ebooks, your choice) from Prime and Small Beer.

    And then! The fun part. . . . In a couple of weeks, Prime Books publisher Sean Wallace will be at the Readercon convention in Boston. If we have 250 new subscribers by July 13th—since we don’t have a dunk tank—any new subscribers attending the convention will be offered the opportunity to gently dunk Mr. Wallace in the Boston Marriott Burlington pool! (Email us if you subscribe, are going to Readercon, and like swimming!)

    Fantasy Magazine #53

    MORE! Even though he faces a potential soaking, Sean has moved past that and announced that should 500 new subscribers be added, he will donate a free Nook Simple Touch Reader and a $50 gift card (either to Weightless or bn.com) for a randomly picked subscriber.

    So, the more subscribers there are, the more prizes there are for everyone! Thanks for reading, subscribing, keeping it indie, and please do spread the word.

    Federations The Way of the Wizard

    Small Print That Is Not So Small

    Since we don’t want recent Lightspeed and Fantasy subscribers to feel they’ve missed out, we are going to backdate this to include those who subscribed from 12:01 AM on June 1st 2011 to 11:59 PM EST on July 13th. Free books will be added to subscribers Libraries within ten days of the end of this promotion. Employees of Weightless Books and Prime Books are ineligible for prizes(!).

    Welcoming Weird Tales

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    Weird Tales #357Today we added two new magazines courtesy of Wildside Press: Weird Tales, edited by Ann VanderMeer, and Sherlock Holmes Mystery Magazine, edited by Marvin Kaye. Individual issues are $2.99 and 4-issue subscriptions are $11.95. Although it was first published back in 1923 Weird Tales has already proved popular right out the gate:

    The 357th issue of Weird Tales magazine is a celebration of short fiction, with a selection of great new stories by Karen Heuler, J. Robert Lennon, Karen Tidbeck, N.K. Jemisin, Peter M. Ball, and Mark Meredith. Features include The Eyrie, Lost in Lovecraft, and an interview with Caitlin R. Kiernan.

    The fifth issue of Sherlock Holmes Mystery Magazine — a special Holmes Fiction Issue — features an amazing new Holmes short novel by Carla Coupe, “The Adventure of the Haunted Bagpipes,” plus great Holmes stories and features by Bruce I. Kilstein, Mark Wardecker, Gary Lovisi, Paula Volsky, Marc Bilgrey, Stan Trybulski, Len Moffatt, Robert Eighteen-Bisang, Lenny Picker, Alan McCright, and M J Elliott. Our biggest issue ever, at 196 pages!

    Sherlock Holmes Mystery Magazine #5

    Today is also the second Tuesday of the month which makes it a big day for the nail-biting readers of Ginn Hale’s huge serial novel, The Rifter. Part 3, Black Blades was sent out to subscribers this morning and Part 4, Witches’ Blood is now available for pre-order.

    You can catch up with Ginn Hale at reviewsbyjessewave.com on Wednesday, May 11th. She’s also been sighted on Goodreads in the What will happen next in The Rifter group.

    We’ll have more pre-orders available soon on Weightless, starting with Small Beer, then adding more. Today we added Geoff Ryman’s excellently odd science fiction novel The Child Garden and Lydia Millet’s The Fires Beneath the Sea—first in a new middle-grade series inspired by A Wrinkle in Time and other classic novels.

    And that’s it until next week. Thanks again for coming by. As ever, if you have suggestions, questions, or comments, email or post them in the comments and Michael or I will get back to you as soon as we can.

    Keep it weird, indie, and Weightless!

    February Bestsellers

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    As expected, with the launch of  The Rifter, February was indeed the month of Ginn Hale. If it wasn’t for that plucky little zine jumping in at #5, it would be an all hail Hale list. Phew. Just below #5 there were quite a few titles almost making the list. With all the new publishers we’ve been adding there are quite a few books just beginning to be noticed. With all these magazines being added, there are a ton more “Also by” titles appearing on the right hand side. Bull Spec #4 is a great example as up pops The Homeless MoonSpicy Slipstream Stories, Jabberwocky 5, and more. So it’s easy to find more work by new (or favorite) authors.

    We launched this store onto the wild internet seas a year ago and we’re beginning to find our sea legs—although I still make mistakes that need Michael to fix, eek! We have some good-sized publishers to add soon and some literary journals should be appearing. I like adding subscriptions (although it makes for a hairy few days at the end of the month!) so there will be more of those and by next month we hope to have a redesign to reflect the larger size of the site and to make books easier to find. As ever email or comment if there are things you want (or don’t want) to see.

    And thanks as ever for choosing independent DRM-free ebooks & Weightless!

    February 2011

    1. Lord of the White Hell Book Two, Ginn Hale
    2. Lord of the White Hell Book One, Ginn Hale
    3. The Rifter Subscription, Ginn Hale
    4. Wicked Gentlemen, Ginn Hale
    5. Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet Subscription

    The Rifter preorders

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    We’re very happy to be able to offer preorders to Ginn Hale’s huge serial novel The Rifter!

    You can preorder the first episode, “The Shattered Gates,” or you can subscribe to the whole thing: 10 issues, 10 months, massive amounts of happiness all round.

    When you pre-order either the first episode or the subscription you’ll be emailed a link (which of course will not work until March 8th) and it will appear in your My Library page. And on March 8th, the first ep will be emailed your way!

    As time goes by there will be more options—partial subscriptions, new episodes, and so on. In the meantime, enjoy!

    Clarkesworld is coming!

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    Exciting news! Next Tuesday, besides our already announced new titles, we’ll be launching subscriptions to the Hugo Award winning Clarkesworld Magazine! We’ll also have Wyrm Publishing books and many of the back issues of Clarkesworld available.

    As with Lightspeed, Clarkesworld will be $2.99 per issue and subscriptions will be $19.95/year (or $14.95 for 6 months).  Clarkesworld publishes mostly science fiction and fantasy—including a recent Nebula Award winner, “Spar” by Kij Johnson (audio)—as well as articles and interviews.

    And of course these new titles will be DRM-free as always!

    Lightspeed Subscriptions and accounts updated

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    Lightspeed Magazine, December 2010 cover - click to view full sizeToday we’re proud to release our second subscription and it’s very appropriate that it’s for Lightspeed Magazine, a future-focused online monthly science fiction magazine edited by John Joseph Adams.

    We also added their back issues so you can now get all the goodness from June, July, August, September, October, November, and December—they’re $2.99 a piece in either epub or mobi formats and include stories by Alice Sola Kim, Carol Emshwiller, Ursula K. Le Guin, Charles Yu, Nancy Kress, Caitlin R. Kiernan, Catherynne Valente, Ted Kosmatka, Robert Silverberg, Yoon Ha Lee, Sarah Langan, Stephen King, and, More!

    Subscriptions start with the current (December) issue and are just $19.95 for 12 months.

    It’s been exciting to see the interest in the LCRW subscription—at the moment it’s the bestseller this month although with some big titles coming in time for the Christmas ereader rush, I don’t know if that will last. We’re talking to a range of magazines about adding them. If you’d like to see a magazine/zine/journal here, drop us (and maybe them!) a line and we’ll see what we can do.

    Weightless Accounts

    If you’ve stopped by in the last couple of days you’ll have seen that you can now sign up for an account here at Weightless. These are free, of course, and if you use your PayPal email address you will have access to a new page, My Library, which has permanent links to all your purchased ebooks and subscriptions. The links should be there even if you bought the, say, the Fairy Tale Review Special, months ago. Michael makes magic happen again!

    And that’s not all for this week. Tomorrow we have more four titles from Lethe Press and, we hope, more, always more! Thanks for reading.

    LCRW esubs!

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    They’re here! We’ve been working on this and promising them forever so we’re very excited to offer our first subscription on Weightless—the first, we think, of many!

    The LCRW subscription gets you 4 issues (usually 2 years, as we do two issues per year) which will go out to you as soon as they’re available.The subscriptions are available in the format of your choice (at least, if the format of your choice is one of: PDF, epub, mobi, and lit). We expect to keep offering those formats in the future (unless there’s no uptake on one—it’s like American Idol for ebook formats!).

    Subscribe now and get 4 issues in your inbox right as they emerge hot from the virtual presses of Small Beer Press. The subscription will begin with the current issue, No. 26—the paper edition is mailing now.

    A paper subscription is $20.

    The regular price of the esubscription edition will be $11.99.

    But to celebrate our first subscription and to get things going with a bang we’re offering a 4 issue subscription for . . . $9.95

    Get it while it’s hot!