Heiresses of Russ 2012: The Year’s Best Lesbian Speculative Fiction


    An unexplained astronomical phenomenon brings a woman and her grandfather closer while she questions the meaning of faith. African villagers in need of aid are sent automatons rather than human relief workers. Mermaids devour men drawn by their song, but what will happen to a steampunk submersible piloted by a woman?’Two teenage girls discover that memories are held in the fine aromas of perfumes. A family of sisters in Mexico discovers a fallen angel. These are tales of the strange, the wondrous, the eerie, but all are richly told stories of women facing the unknown and how they are changed by their experiences.

    Heiresses of Russ 2013: The Year’s Best Lesbian Speculative Fiction


    The 2013 edition of the annual series showcasing the best tales of lesbian-themes fantasy, science-fiction, and the weird, includes such acclaimed authors as Jewelle Gomez, Nisi Shawl, Carrie Vaughn, and Brit Mandelo. The editors have ensured that a variety of voices and styles present imaginative fiction encompassing the love between women.

    Tenea D. Johnson is the author of the novels R/evolution and Smoketown, as well as Starting Friction, a poetry and prose collection. Her work has appeared in various magazines and anthologies, including the Lambda Award-winning Necrologue. She is also a musician and has had the good fortune to perform her pieces at the Knitting Factory and the Public Theater, among others. Her virtual home is teneadjohnson.com.

    Steve Berman takes much delight in discovering wonderful queer stories and helping authors share their voices. He has been a finalist for the Lambda Literary Award for his editorial efforts four times, including for his work on Heiresses of Russ 2012. He resides in southern New Jersey.

    Lord Byron’s Prophecy


    Lord Byron is troubled. Is his new poem a catharsis of self-loathing at being attracted to other men or an incantation that turns him into an incubus that seeks such sins? Or perhaps something much worse: an apocalyptic prophecy.

    Present-day Professor Adam Fane is beginning to suffer from what he believes is dementia, which causes him to have the same visions Byron experienced centuries ago. A closeted gay man, Professor Fane interprets these visions to be products of guilt. He’s lived for decades with a terrible guilt over the fate of his childhood friend, George, with whom he was in love. His only son, Gordon has grown into more than a passing resemblance of George.

    Gordon, a star college basketball player, is unaware of his father’s past. His heart belongs to a young English professor named Amber, who is a colleague of his father’s. As Gordon pursues a relationship with her, he suddenly starts to experience visions similar to those of Byron, as well as a crawling sensation under his skin that makes him fearful of being touched. The interlocking stories of three characters leading parallel lives tells a dark tale of impending personal–and perhaps even global–doom, is written by Sean Eads, a stunning new voice in speculative fiction, whose first novel, The Survivors, was a finalist for the Lambda Literary Award.

    Like Light for Flies


    A young boy is horrified to discover what his brother is really doing in their father’s work shed. An old man whispers a word that sets his victim on the road to madness. A Victorian dandy and his dog might just save the world from the unspeakable denizens of an alternate dimension. In a house by a park, a religious zealot opens the gates of Hell. These twelve tales of psychological suspense and horror mix heart, brains, and balls to create a pulse-pounding literary experience.


    “In this gripping horror collection, Thomas…slices open the underbelly of human nature with surgical precision to offer an unforgettable glimpse at the horrors just inside.” – Publishers Weekly, starred review

    “Thomas constructs his worlds brick by bloody brick mortared together with enough normalcy to make his twists and turns seem that much odder. Like Light for Flies is a collection of nightmares real enough to be dreamt tonight. Damn fine reading from a most excellent writer.” – Out in Print

    Normal Miguel


    Winner of the Lambda Literary Award for Best Gay Romance!

    Miguel Hernández is a teacher who has left Mexico City to complete a one year student internship in the rural hills of Puebla. He came to the school intending to focus on his teaching and his students but quickly learns that it is impossible to keep his private and professional lives separate-particularly as his experience turns into a voyage of self-discovery. His students, the Directora of the school, the baker, and other people from the town all contribute to his growing awareness. But most important is Ruben, the owner of the candy store who progresses from merchant to friend to lover. He will be the man who has the most effect on Miguel-and who, in turn, is transformed by the impact of Miguel on his own life. This is a lyrical story that brings to life the countryside of rural Mexico, with its grinding poverty but care of the people for their native land; expressing prejudice and hate but at the same time affirming the power of love and acceptance in overcoming obstacles. As a slice of life in the year of Miguel, Normal Miguel will certainly capture the hearts and imaginations of those who join him on his journey in the pages of the book, a Lambda Literary Award-winner for Best Gay Romance.

    Erik Orrantia has written an unusual but welcomed story of one young man’s love for the many parts that keep him whole: his lover, his profession, his community and himself.” – Lambda Literary Foundation

    BCS Ninth Anniversary 50% Off One-Day Ebook Sales!

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    Beneath Ceaseless Skies Issue #235, Ninth Anniversary Double-Issue cover - click to view full sizeLeading up to the ninth anniversary of BCS next week, we’re cutting the price on BCS ebook bundles in half!

    In nine years, BCS has published over 230 issues. Weightless has them all as single issues or in bundles, of 25 issues for $14.99 and 50 issues for $27.99. We’re putting those bundles on sale 50% off for each day leading up to BCS‘s Ninth Anniversary Double-Issue next Thursday.

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    Get great BCS issues delivered straight to your e-reader or phone for 50% off. Grab back issues you might have missed, and help support BCS at the same time. But act fast; each set of bundles will be 50% off for one day only!

    Today 9/21, 50% off:

    BCS #1-25 $7.49 (Marie Brennan, Saladin Ahmed, Chris Willrich, K.D. Wentworth, Holly Phillips)

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    BCS #1-50 $13.99

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    BCS #151-175 $7.49 (Helen Marshall, Fran Wilde, Bruce McAllister, Carrie Vaughn, Rich Larson)

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    BCS #201-234 $7.49 (A.M. Dellamonica, Mishell Baker, Marie Brennan, Richard Parks, Caroline M. Yoachim, Rose Lemberg, Tony Pi, Rachael K. Jones)

    How to Whistle: Stories


    Whistling has long been used to entertain and to communicate; the short stories of Gregg Shapiro also entertain and convey his skilled recollections of the past. The gay men found in these pages are sardonic: they drink, they indulge, they offer wry comments on friends, family and life. In other words, they are a joy to read.

    Gregg Shapiro is the author of Protection and Lincoln Avenue. A native of Chicago, Gregg lives with his husband in Fort Lauderdale.

    “You don’t have to be gay, Jewish, or from Chicagoland to fall hard for Gregg Shapiro’s new story collection. How to Whistle–tart, tender, and terribly wise–has lessons for everybody.” – James Magruder, Love Slaves of Helen Hadley Hall

    “Shapiro’s stories capture the breadth and variety of human relationships–friends, lovers, and family; casual and deep; social and sexual.  Funny, sad, tragic, and full of surprises, they will keep you reading to the very end and wanting more.” – John D’Emilio, author of Intimate Matters:  A History of Sexuality in America

    Wikipedia 1-Day F&SF Special

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    Wikipedia is featuring The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction today (May 15) and we’re happy to join the celebration!

    Today only, the current issue (featuring Shannon Connor Winward, Richard Bowes, Matthew Hughes, R. S. Benedict, Brian Trent, Kelly Jennings, Gregor Hartmann, Zach Shepard, John Schoffstall, Leah Cypess, Nina Kiriki Hoffman, Mary Soon Lee, Charles de Lint, Elizabeth Hand, Paul Di Filippo, Pat Murphy and Paul Doherty, and David J. Skal) is 50% off and a subscription is 25% off.

    F&SF @ Wikipedia

    Uncanny Magazine Subscription Drive 2017!

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    by Lynne M. Thomas and Michael Damian Thomas

    Uncanny Magazine Issue 11The Hugo Award-winning Uncanny Magazine is once again recruiting for its Space Unicorn Ranger Corps! We named the Uncanny Kickstarter backers the Space Unicorn Ranger Corps after our amazing Space Unicorn mascot. Now, you can become a member of the Corps by subscribing here at Weightless Books!

    This is the perfect time to join because Uncanny is going on sale! From May 2-16, a year’s subscription to Uncanny Magazine is $2 less than the typical current cover price (only $21.88)! It’s the least expensive way to subscribe we offer.

    Each bimonthly issue of Uncanny contains new and classic speculative fiction, poetry, essays, art, and interviews. We seek out and share pieces we can’t stop thinking and talking about, because of how they make us feel. We’re also deeply committed to finding and showcasing fantastic works by writers from every possible point of view and background.

    We debuted Issue One of Uncanny in November 2014 and we’ve been thrilled with Years One, Two, and Three so far. We’ve included original contributions from phenomenal authors such as Neil GaimanMaria Dahvana HeadleyMax GladstoneKen LiuChristopher BarzakSam J. MillerSofia Samatar, Catherynne M. Valente, Alyssa Wong, Elizabeth Bear, John Chu, Kameron Hurley, Charlie Jane Anders, Ursula Vernon, Javier Grillo-Marxuach, Chris Kluwe, Hao Jingfang, Mary Robinette Kowal, Seanan McGuire, Mark Oshiro, Rachel Swirsky, E. Lily Yu, and Amal El-Mohtar, plus many newer voices.

    Uncanny won the Best Semiprozine Hugo Award in 2016, while Hao Jingfang’s story “Folding Beijing” (translated by Ken Liu) won the Best Novelette Hugo Award. This year, Uncanny is once again a Best Semiprozine Hugo finalist along with the Thomases for Best Editor- Short Form. Plus, Uncanny stories by Alyssa Wong (“You’ll Surely Drown Here If You Stay“) and Brooke Bolander (“Our Talons Can Crush Galaxies“) are finalists for both Hugo and Nebula Awards. We can’t wait for you to read what’s coming next!

    New or renewing subscribers to Uncanny Magazine from May 2-16, 2017 will be eligible for giveaways and a whole bunch of Uncanny swag!

    • uncanny-magazine-issue-10-coverFirst 50 subscribers: Your choice of a back issue, and an EXCLUSIVE Weightless Books Uncanny Space Unicorn Full-Color Vinyl Sticker, a cover art postcard, AND a Space Unicorn temporary tattoo based on Galen Dara’s Uncanny Magazine Issue 10 cover (a finalist for a Chesley Award)! Plus, we’ll randomly draw 2 winners for Uncanny mini-swag packs: a Space Unicorn Ranger Corps patch and a set of cover art postcards!
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    There may also be random prize drawings throughout the subscription drive. You never know with the Space Unicorns . . .

    Uncanny Magazine Issue 15 Uncanny Magazine Issue 14 Uncanny Magazine Issue 13 Uncanny Magazine Issue 12

    Vestiges of Flame


    In the ruins of a dead and dying world, a quiet university student is drawn to a fierce immoral fighter. Two women who were alone, have found each other, and together they may change their world. Jo is at Victoria University when a mutated form of plague strikes the world, killing all but one percent of the world-wide population. Yet there are other survivors who wish only to dominate and rule those remaining putting Jo’s hopes at risk.

    The Grigori


    Mr. A lurks in the derelict grand hotel, a haunt of junkies and their dealers, hustlers and runaways, petty criminals.

    On a night like any other, a man, a notorious family-values politician, dies in the hotel’s ruined lobby. Suspended from a splendid chandelier, the body is bound with duct tape as if for some sordid S&M scene gone terribly wrong. The man has been disemboweled, intestines spilling from the gash in his belly to the dusty floor. Mr. A is watching, watching.

    “You know, everyone seems to think that angels are these cute little innocent baby-looking m*th*rf*ck*rs but the Bible describes them very, very differently… Angels are angry, crazy and mean as hell. They have four faces and only one of them is human. Their primary job isn’t to save our souls or help us find love. They like to kill and they’re good at it.”

    Who is Mr. A? Mr. A is death. Mr. A is salvation. Mr. A is love.

    Grave Desires


    Theirs smells of sweat, sperm, and blood. In short, to my body and my thirsty soul it offers devotion. It was because their world contains these erotic conditions that I was bent on evil. – Jean Genet, The Thief’s Journal The imagination of William Holden is one that values sweat and sperm and blood. And shadows to hide the rivulets of these fluids as they descend and drip from the naked flesh of men. These tales of homoerotic horror haunt a reader long after the eye moves from the last words on a page. Stories of a lecherous carnival barker who deal in breath and souls, a town where Halloween has become more than playful tricks and sweet treats, the promise of desire at the razor’s edge of life and death.

    Countrycide: Stories


    Pack light, nothing heavier than a backpack, before you open the pages of L.A. Fields’s collection of stories. A never-ending journey awaits you along a Möbius strip that runs the circulatory system from flushed head to rapid heart, along asphalt lanes stinking of gasoline fumes and vulcanized rubber. Join Fields’s feral boys, captivating Peter Pans in flight from detestable home life, school life, everyday life. Along the way, you’ll pick up passengers, hitchhikers, runaways plotting wicked larks, stay-at-homes longing for a nudge, grown ups ready to be bent to a boy’s whims.

    Red Caps: New Fairy Tales for Out of the Ordinary Readers


    Red Caps might be a rock band. Or they might be something more sinister, a fey source of sounds that are but the backdrop to thrills and misadventures. These thirteen stories provide readers jaded by the traditional, Old World fairy tales with tempting new stories that will entice bored readers from their suburban ennui. Closets are waiting to be explored. Escape from work camp leads to a dangerous encounter on a wet road. That high school year book is magical and might be mocking you…or helping you find love. And isn’t love one of the central premises of the fairy tale? These teenage boys and girls need not fear that their love has no worth, because Steve Berman has written for them princesses who love maidens and adorkable students who have wondrous and smart boyfriends. Readers can be assured that, if the tale does not end happy, it ends most memorably.


    ”Eschewing the cliched coming-out and coming-of-age stories in favour of fresher tales, whether cleaving to a quirky realism in ‘Movember’ or springboarding into the fantastic with ‘Only Lost Boys Are Found,’ by turns playful and poignant, delightful and disturbing, Berman offers a wonderful range of cracking good strange fiction for the queer YA reader.”
    –Hal Duncan, author of Vellum and Ink

    ”The positivity that runs throughout the book, even in stories that end on gruesome or eerie notes, is the best part: the sense of ‘coming out’ in many of these pieces is also a sort of coming to life, or a coming into the self. The undercurrent of acceptance despite the odds is pleasant and heart-warming. These are stories about kids finding out what it means to be themselves, and how to be with other people. That’s good stuff…”
    –Brit Mandelo for Queering SFF at Tor.com

    ”In most of these stories, the same-sex relationships are either wholly accepted or at the very least tolerated. This grants most of the characters the freedom to see the fantastic as it materializes around them. Whether facing literal Red Caps or figurative, Berman’s boys and girls mostly have the benefit of being able to express their love, jealousy, lust, and temptations publicly, with far less fear than they exhibit facing ghosts, vampires, and magic books.”
    –Anthony Cardno for Strange Horizons

    About the Author

    Steve Berman sold his first short story while still a teenager. Since they he has written and sold over a hundred articles, essays, interviews, and reviews–in addition to short stories–in the fields of gaming, the fantastical, and weird. Much of what he written is aimed at young adult readers, including his novel, Vintage: A Ghost Story, which was a finalist for the Andre Norton Award.

    Interzone & Black Static on Sale

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    This week only pick up the new issues of Interzone and Black Static at 40% off!

    Interzone #268 cover - click to view full size Black Static #56 cover - click to view full size

    The Pink Bus


    A month before Election Day, the Democratic nominee for United States Senate in Texas – a gay reality television star named Patrick Francis Monaghan- takes to the stage to deliver a speech. Before the candidate can begin, he is shot twice in the stomach. As doctors work to save him, the reader is taken on a touching journey through the preceding forty years of Patrick’s life. Through a tight and appealing cast of characters, we see Patrick navigate what it is to be a gay man- and a public figure – in our rapidly changing world.


    “Overall, this book delivers on its promise: it provides a coming-of-age tale mixed with a political story that is very apt for the age. Kelly, to his great credit, gives his characters real problems to contend with, and he doesn’t let them off the hook with convenient solutions or magical thinking. This book is recommended for any library that collects fiction for adults.”
    GLBT Round Table of the American Library Association

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