Welcome: Tachyon Publications!

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    The Third BearWe’re very happy to announce that we’ve added another great publisher: Tachyon Publications! Tachyon are based in San Francisco and are responsible for all those great anthologies you’ve seen in recent years: Rewired, Steampunk II, that kind of thing, as well as tons of other great books. Most of their ebooks come in epub, mobi, and pdf flavors. So yay, yay, and yay!

    We also added a dozen or so new titles from Less Than Three Press—we now have 60+ of their books! Dance in the Dark is the most popular so far.

    Two Marshall Moore titles, The Concrete Sky and Black Shapes in a Darkened Room are on sale at 99 cents each as a promotion until his new book, The Infernal Republic, releases in February.

    Next week we have sale coming on all Steve Berman’s books and then it will be time for the February magazines to begin dropping—always the busiest time of the month around here.

    I am heading (with Kelly) for Australia and New Zealand next month—can’t wait to say hello to Brisbane, Adelaide, Wellington!—which will mean Michael will be holding up 100% of the sky. He’s done it before and will do it again, at least until the end of the world later this year.

    Over in Small Beer land, we have a new email newsletter (shiny, tidy!) which will sometimes feature Weightless stuff and the second paper printing of Maureen McHugh’s Philip K. Dick Award finalist After the Apocalypse is now in stock. Fortunately it was never out of stock here. Ha.

    Ebooks are apparently going to make up 214% of all book sales by this time next month.* As long as people are reading and people running interesting indie presses, we’re happy.


    * Statistic brought to you by some analyst whose mother received a Kindle for Christmas.

    Shakespeare who?

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    A New Shakespearean Poem? cover - click to view full sizeLook: there’s a movie about Shakespeare! And, not at all accidentally, we have a new book about a possible Shakespearean poem! And, at least until the movie’s been out a few days, it’s only a buck! After that, prices rise!

    Also this week: tons of new books from Lethe Press and Chelsea Station Editions. Of note, The Temperamentals and The Gay Man’s Guide to Timeless Manners and Proper Etiquette have not been produced in other ebook formats other than pdfs, and these pdfs are not for sale anywhere else!

    Lightspeed is in, we’re back, we sold a lot of books in March

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    Don’t worry Lightspeed subscribers: your subscription is still working, the site is still here, it’s just that this month’s issue was delayed by the publisher. And that’s it: sent out! Apologies for the delay and thanks for your patience.

    Perhaps not surprising to those who follow Ginn Hale but March was a massive month for us here due to the release of the first part of The Rifter. It’s going so well we’re hoping to bring you more serials and at some point we’ll start releasing original Weightless Books ebooks. But more on that in the future.

    Before the bestsellers I should mention that on the first Monday of the month we added new issues of Apex, Clarkesworld, and Fantasy magazines. Apex just transferred their subscribers over here: hi everyone! About 2% of subscribers had problems which Michael sorted out pretty quickly. As ever: more subscriptions will be coming soon. And, Michael has a story in the new issue of Apex: check it out!

    March 2011

    1. The Rifter Subscription & The Rifter 1: The Shattered Gates, Ginn Hale
    2. Lord of the White Hell Book One and Book Two, Ginn Hale
    3. Fantasy Magazine 12-Month Subscription
    4. Lightspeed Magazine Annual Ebook Subscription
    5. Apex Magazine 12-Month Subscription
      Wicked Gentlemen, Ginn Hale

    Darn website. Why does it want to run the bottom of the list right into the text below? Here’s some hard to read text to move them apart.

    Besides all the magazine fun we added another of John Joseph Adams‘s huge anthologies, The Way of the Wizard; an anthology of three space operas, Battlestations, from David Drake; and  the promising-looking Promises, Promises by L-J Baker:

    Sandy Blunt, witch, has big dreams but C-average magic skills. Her only noteworthy talent is for paying extravagant compliments to women. Trouble is, when she uses that gift, she unwittingly foretells the future for a pretty princess. The punishment for prophesying about one of royal blood is death. With the help of ill-assorted companions, including a self-professed princess in disguise with a wild imagination, a self-absorbed member of the royal guard, and the not-so-average girl next door, Sandy has a year and a day to travel to far-flung places–encountering such dangerous creatures as a dragon who writes awful poetry, slovely elves, and boarding house landladies–to collect the weird and magical items needed to turn her prophecies into promises and so evade the executioner

    Monstrous Engines Beneath Ceaseless Skies

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    Hey, this week’s update is brought to you courtesy of a loaner computer and the hard work of Michael! My computer died: how sad I am, how sad.

    Anyway, onto the books: I’m happy to welcome a new publisher, Scott Andrews’s Firkin Press, publisher of the shiny webzine Beneath Ceaseless Skies. We’re only adding one title at the moment and will, I hope, be adding subscriptions later—them being so popular and all. But check out this book: The Best of Beneath Ceaseless Skies Online Magazine, Year One, which has a dozen good stories and is only $2.99. Nice price.

    And this month we have three new titles from those busy bees at Lethe Press, a historical romance, a debut collection of short stories, and a historical thriller:

    • Engines of Desire: Tales of Love & Other Horrors by Livia Llewellyn with an introduction by Laird Barron.
      “These 10 powerful stories mark relative newcomer Llewellyn as a writer to watch in the genres of dark fantasy, horror, and erotica.”
      —Publishers Weekly
    • The German by Lee Thomas
      Set during the height of World War II, The German examines the effect a series of ritualistic murders has on a small, Texas community.
    • Mere Mortals by Erastes
      Orphaned Crispin Thorne has been taken as ward by Philip Smallwood, a man he’s never met . . .

    Lastly we added a forthcoming Small Beer title: a fabby new collection from the late Joan Aiken, The Monkey’s Wedding and Other Stories. We have a giveaway going on the Small Beer blog: please tell us your pseudonym (or someone else’s!) for a chance to win. (The pre-orders worked really well for The Rifter so we’ll be adding more later this spring.)

    There’s a chance we’ll add audio books, too. More fun!

    I was talking to Michael yesterday about the site and I was, as I am occasionally wont to do, bemoaning the lack of vacation time people here in the USA take so we decided that at least to begin with we’ll have a week off in spring and fall. Maybe we’ll get more adventurous (and European!) and take more time off in the future but for an online venture that we try and keep an eye on 24/7, two weeks off seems ambitious. The first week should be the week after the second installment of The Rifter (Servant of the Crossed Arrows) comes out since I am going to Scotland on a family visit anyway. Vacation or not, we’ll still be checking email!

    The other thing we talked about was how do we find out if readers and shoppers are finding what they want and if they’re happy or unhappy. We’re going to put up a survey (with a chance to win something or other) but in the meantime, if there’s anything that bugs you (or makes you happy—or, at least, since so many people say happiness is not really to be pursued—content), please do email.

    And: thanks again for reading. We really appreciate your coming by.

    2 new indie presses, many new titles

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    Things are hopping here. Orders are piling up for Ginn Hale’s epic serial The Rifter. The good news is that she’s finished writing the whole thing. The bad news is the editing and polishing and so on will go down to the last minute before publication. How do I know this? Because that’s the way the world works!

    This week we’ve got sexy books, smart books, fantasy, and all of the above. We have more titles from a fave press, Lethe, a new anthology, Jabberwocky, from our pals at Prime, and we’re bowled over with joy (we’re an excitable bunch) to introduce two indie publishers to Weightless readers: Papaveria and Senses Five, both of whom have a strong visual sense, albeit very different from one another, but lovely in their own ways.

    You might be familiar with Ezrabet Yellowboy’s Papaveria Press from her beautiful handmade books as she “deal[s] primarily in very small or miniature handbound editions and trade paperbacks, seeking out poetry and prose from the fields of fantasy, fairy tales and myth.” But we’re very happy  their two latest titles, Jack o’ the Hills by C.S.E. Cooney and The Winter Triptych by Nicole Kornher-Stace available here in epub and mobi formats.

    And I hope anyone interested in indie publishers in the speculative side of fiction will know of Sense Five Press. Run by Matt Kressel and a knowledgeable bunch of other writers and editors, they’ve been publishing the zine-turned-anthology Sybil’s Garage for a while and we have the two most recent issues. And, their one book, an anthology Paper Cities, edited by Ekaterina Sedia, won the World Fantasy Award. Not bad! Check it out and enjoy.

    Lethe’s new books include Will Ludwigsen’s hilariously titled collection, Cthulhu Fhtagn, Baby! and Other Cosmic Insolence, Dan Boyle’s novel Wonder, Toby Johnson’s Secret Matter, and (another great title) Nick Mamatas and Jay Lake’s anthology, Spicy Slipstream Stories, featuring such wild talents as, Chris Nakashima-Brown, Joe Murphy, Lori Selke, and Carrie Vaughn.

    If you enjoy Fantasy Magazine (or the Papaveria titles), try Sean Wallace and Erzabet Yellowboy’s Jabberwocky. With stories and poems from Genevieve Valentine, Sonya Taaffe, Becca de la Rosa, and many others I think there are quite a few readers of LCRW and such that this is a good fit for.

    New Ginn Hale!

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    Lord of the White Hell Book One coverThis is an awesome week! Yesterday we released the Lightspeed Magazine subscription and today (at last!) we have a new book from Ginn Hale.

    How exciting is this? Ginn has topped the Weightless bestseller chart every month this year. Even when Wicked Gentlemen was knocked off the #1 spot in August it was by . . .  Feral Machines by Ginn Hale.

    So even though December’s bestseller so far is the Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet Subscription we’re sort of expecting that something else will be at the top by the end of the month. And what might that book be?

    How about Lord of the White Hell Book One!

    Publishers Weekly says it’s

    “An intricate world, well-integrated social issues, believable sexual encounters, and an interesting mystery make this dense, languorous tale appealing for any fan of romantic fantasy.”

    You can download a PDF excerpt from Blind Eye Books’s site or just jump right in here. It’s available in PDF, mobi, lit, and epub. DRM-free? Mais oui!

    Sharp-eyed readers will notice we’ve also added 4 more titles from Lethe Press—if you like Ginn Hale, maybe try some Diana Comet.

    The week’s awesomeness will continue in the next few days with the launch of titles from a new international publisher, Typhoon Books; fourteen titles from Prime Books; and perhaps a variation on the Lightspeed subscription since someone asked about a 6-month option.

    And, whisper it, but on December 26th everything will be 25% off!

    In the meantime, here’s what everyone has been waiting for: Lord of the White Hell Book One.

    Presenting: Lethe Press!

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    This week we added our first four titles from the excellent (and sometimes very sexy) Lethe Press and either later this week or early next we’ll be adding some shiny issues of the new and shiny SF magazine Lightspeed featuring stories from Carol Emshwiller (who will be 90 next year: celebrate!), Cat Valente, and much more. We may offer Lightspeed as a subscription: please do tell us if you’re interested. We figure it might be interesting if people can manage many electronic subscriptions in one place.

    We fixed a broken Google thing so that you can preview some of the books and had a tiny brainstorm and realized we should—just in case, you never know, you might want one—supply you with the option to buy any titles that are available in paper. Some people (including us) still buy books that way, really!

    What else? How about those Lethe Press books? The first four titles are:

    Subtle Bodies by Peter Dube
    Binding the God: Ursine Essays from the Mountain South in which “Jeff Mann writes of the passion and pain of being a Southern gentleman who happens to be invested in many worlds”
    — Steve Berman’s Second Thoughts which Chroma said was “excellent for readers of the lesser-found gay supernatural fiction, or anyone appreciative of twisted tales”
    —and a fabulous short story collection by Sandra McDonald, Diana Comet and Other Improbable Stories in which “Diana is a cross-dressing man, and plenty of the other protagonists, Cubby included, are gay. Their world isn’t much easier for gays and transgender folk than ours is, yet they are winningly heroic, psychologically complex, and sympathetic. And because theirs is an alternate world, they prove their mettle in genre milieus ranging from the western to contemporary (in our world) desert warfare, with technologies ranging from sail and horse to helicopter. No matter the setting and the tools, their stories are all enthralling.”

    And that’s it for this week. Technical difficulties (hello Airport and Mac 10.6.5) meant these are going up on Wednesday instead of Tuesday but all is well and our prospects are good for adding a good range of things and stuff by the holidays. Have fun!