New Ginn Hale Today: The Long Past


    The Long Past and Other StoriesWe’re delighted and intrigued to note that among the wealth of new releases today there’s a new title by perennial Weightless bestseller Ginn Hale, The Long Past, and to celebrate the new book, Ginn is interviewed by Judith of Binge on Books on USA Today’s Happy Ever After:

    Judith: Ginn, congratulations on the new release and welcome to HEA! Could you explain The Long Past in 10 words or less for readers who know absolutely nothing about it?

    Ginn: 1800s: Diverse upstarts tackle magic, machinery and dinosaurs!

    Read the whole thing here!

    Four Questions for Ginn Hale

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    Champion of the Scarlet Wolf Book TwoWe asked Blind Eye Books publisher Nicole Kimberling to catch up with award-winning author Ginn Hale:

    Compared to the slew graphomaniacs currently populating the internets, Ginn Hale is a slow writer. She only releases a book every few years, so each time I get a manuscript from her I’m overcome with excitement. Ginn has a big imagination and a great knack for writing a nail-biter with LGBT protagonists.  As I’m fascinated with the way writers think, I wanted to ask her a few questions.

    1. One of the things you seem to enjoy most is breaking rules (for example, Blind Eye Books Guidelines!) and reimagining tropes. What about that do you find so pleasing?

    I don’t go out of my way to break rules, really! I actually try to stick as close to guidelines as possible. But every now and then I find myself thinking about a fictional subject or situation that strikes me as absurd, annoying or cliché and wondering if there is ANY circumstance that could make it seem reasonable, clever or new.  Rarely I come up with something and then I feel like, after putting in all that time and thought I really have to write about it.Rifter 1: The Shattered Gates

    In fact it was my own annoyance at fantasy books overflowing with egalitarian talking animals that led me to write the character of Ji in the Rifter books.

    I think on some level I just enjoy challenging my own assumptions.

    2. Your recent book, Champion of the Scarlet Wolf is a sequel to Lord of the White Hell Books One and Two, yet you’ve chosen to follow a secondary character rather than stick with the original protagonists. Why is that?

    Lord of the White Hell Book OneLord of the White Hell is written from the point of view of Kiram Kir-zaki, a mathematically gifted seventeen year old, who’s a little spoiled by his wealthy parents and widely accepted by his own minority community. The first two books follow his adventures in the less open-minded society of an elite boys-school, where he builds machines, battles a curse, and wins the devotion of a duke! It was all very fun and I loved writing Kiram’s youthful insights as well as his snarky, teen-age thoughts.

    But for the next two books I really wanted to show the world from a different point of view.  The events of the war I planned to write about didn’t really suit Kiram’s voice or character. For that I needed some one physically stronger, more politically involved and way less likely to solve the whole conflict with a slide rule!

    Lord of the White Hell Book TwoFortunately I tend to massively overbuild the worlds and characters I write about. While the majority of details and backstories never make it into a manuscript, this once I realized that I’d already created the perfect character to carry the second set of books. Elezar, with his mysteriously scarred thigh, immense physical courage and internal conflict was like a small war in himself. His complex relationship with both Javier and Kiram allowed me to write about the two of them from a new perspective and perhaps most importantly, he’s the one character who’d shelter a filthy, emaciated mutt in a city of witches and wily shapeshifters.

    3. Lord of the White Hell Books One and Two were picked up for Japanese release by Chuokoron Shinsha. What was it like working with a Japanese translator?

    I was fortunate enough to work with a really delightful translator — Fumiyo Harashima.  Not only did she know the details of my books better than I did, but she took great care in weighing what should be translated directly and what ideas, jokes and turns of phrase needed more idiomatic equivalents. Our discussions ranged from which words to write in katakana — such as the characters names — to Spanish J’s, and Arabic R’s.

    She even dedicated serious thought to the many goofy puns I slipped into the manuscript. I particularly remember feeling embarrassed when she approached me about the  “Goldenrod Inn”, which was the name of a brothel catering to wealthy students. When I confessed that the name was a childish play on words — Goldenrods=rich dicks — I half-expected her to roll her eyes or quit, but instead she seemed delighted, as she’d suspected something of that sort. And she set to work preserving my puerile humor.

    I couldn’t have wished for a better translator!

    4. What’s next for Ginn Hale?

    This is a really hard question to field… I have an idea about a semi-aquatic 1920’s world rolling around in my head but I never know until I start really plotting out a story . . . There’s always a chance that I’ll see some new prohibition on a publisher’s guideline and be inspired in my usual contradictory manner!

    Happy US Thanksgiving!

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    In the Company of Thieves cover - click to view full sizeTomorrow in the USA, a lot of people will celebrate Thanksgiving. Around the world: not so much. So we decided to add a title to the Weightless Weekly 1-Day 1-Book sale (we need a better name for this!). Look out for that tomorrow morning. And don’t forget to come back Friday for the latest from Twelfth Planet Press, Andrew Macrae’s mind boggling science fiction novel Trucksong.

    Earlier this week the latest (bird-themed) issue of Innsmouth Magazine went out (with fiction by Gemma Files, J. M. McDermott, Orrin Grey, and more) and we updated the page for In the Company of Thieves by Kage Baker (includes one collaborative story by her sister) to include more info about this reader favorite’s last collection.

    And big news for Ginn Hale fans: you can now preorder Champion of the Scarlet Wolf.

    I am thankful for the chance to read good books, to work with good people (hi Michael!) and with lots of great independent publishers and authors. Thank you for reading Weightless books!

    Innsmouth Magazine: Issue 14 Champion of the Scarlet Wolf Book One Preorder

    May 2013 Bestsellers

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    The May issue of Locus was last month’s bestseller, no doubt helped by the focus on indie publishing (yay!). You can read more about it here. Ginn Hale, superstar, took 2nd and 3rd place—and The Rifter popped up again on the Subscription List: maybe I missed some kind of Ginn Hale news? The books were followed mostly by magazines: props to the new issue of Electric Velocipede for making the list! Wearing my (nonexistent, maybe I should get one?) Small Beer Press hat, it’s heartening to see Sofia Samatar’s dense and beautiful debut novel A Stranger in Olondria and Kij Johnson’s very different At the Mouth of the River of Bees on the list.

    In subscriptions Clarkesworld once again had a heck of a month—surely powered by all those awards and nominations—and their 80th issue was packed with all the goodies. At the moment, Clarkesworld is also the most popular magazine on Weightless.

    For comparison here are the last couple of month’s bestseller charts—MarchApril—and for real fun, May 2011!


    1. Locus, May 2013
    2. Lord of the White Hell Book One & Book Two, Ginn Hale
    3. Ginn Hale et al, Irregulars
      New York Review of Science Fiction #296
      Clarkesworld Magazine – Issue 80
      A Stranger in OlondriaSofia Samatar
    4. Electric Velocipede, issue 26
    5. At the Mouth of the River of BeesKij Johnson


    1. Clarkesworld Magazine
    2. Galaxy’s Edge Magazine
    3. Lightspeed Magazine
    4. The Rifter
    5. Nightmare Magazine

    Locus May 2013 (#628) Clarkesworld Magazine – Issue 80 Lightspeed Magazine Issue 37 A Stranger in Olondria At the Mouth of the River of Bees Electric Velocipede issue 26

    March 2013 Bestsellers

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    Women and Monsters cover - click to view full sizeNew magazine Galaxy’s Edge took the top spot in March. Can’t tell yet if it’s a serious challenger to the juggernauts of Clarkesworld and Lightspeed. Mostly it was a month of everything sells a couple of copies with nothing quite pulling a Harry Potter and being miles ahead of everything else although Ginn Hale is always popular—maybe being a DABWAHA finalist helped?

    Interesting to see one of the megabucks (this one from H. Beam Piper) sneaking onto the chart along with  J. M. McDermott’s Women and Monsters

    This bestseller list brought to you by actual ebooks sold to actual readers all around this big old world of ours.


    1. Galaxy’s Edge Magazine
    2. Clarkesworld Magazine
    3. Lightspeed Magazine
    4. New York Review of Science Fiction
    5. Beneath Ceaseless Skies


    1. Lord of the White Hell Book One & Book Two
    2. Ginn Hale et al, Irregulars
    3. Trafalgar by Angelica Gorodischer
      Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet No. 28
    4. Lightspeed Magazine Issue 34, John Joseph Adams et al.
    5. Women and Monsters by J. M. McDermott
      The H. Beam Piper Megapack

    Irregulars is a DABWAHA finalist

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    Irregulars cover - click to view full sizeI’m writing this so that I can write DABWAHA a couple of times. DABWAHA, DABWAHA! It stands for Dear Author Bitchery Writing Award for Hella Good Authors which is I think the best name for an award in the world.

    Who wouldn’t want to be a DABWAHA finalist? Anyway, I was pleased to get a tip that Irregulars by Nicole Kimberling, Josh LanyonGinn Hale, and Astrid Amara is nominated in the GLBT category (and that Libba Bray’s The Diviners is up in the NwRE/Crossover* category along with some other lovely people I know of including Sarah Rees Brennan and Malinda Lo). You can also nominate 2012 titles here and the schedule is here.

    And for confused readers (me! me!), here’s How to Play: start here. The deadline for selections is March 18: go!

    * I don’t know what that is!

    First and last for 2012

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    In the same way that it can be fun to see the first and last word or sentence of a book, I thought it would be interesting to see what the first and last orders of 2012 were.

    The very first book bought on Weightless in 2012 was for Ginn Hale’s incredibly popular novel Wicked Gentlemen and the very final one was Tansy Rayner Roberts’s alternate history collection Love and Romanpunk (“History is not what you think it is.”).

    First and last sentences? Ok:

    Wicked Gentlemen:

    1st: “The night hung in tatters.”  Last: “It fit me well enough.”

    Love and Romanpunk

    1st: “Let us begin with the issue of most interest to future historians: I did not poison my uncle and husband, the Emperor Claudius.” Last: “Where do we start?

    Ha! Both of those are fantastic. (Although the second sentences are even better than the first.)

    Royalties paid!

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    Locus May 2012 (#616) cover - click to view full sizeOne of the best parts of this ebook thing is how fast we get to pay publishers and authors. This morning we sent out payments for sales from April to June 2012: thank you readers! I was going to do it on Friday, but I’ve learned it’s always better if Michael checks the math. (Maths, if you are reading this in the Commonwealth. Also: hello!)

    Since I was looking at numbers, here are a few bestseller lists for the quarter. Popular Kickstarter mag, Fireside jumped into the lead in subscriptions, even getting ahead of the perennially popular Lightspeed. And I’ve brought back the Ginn Hale bestseller list because she is a powerhouse!

    Next weekend Michael and I will be at Readercon this weekend and then I am going to Seattle for Clarion West (more info here) so updates may be more infrequent. (Is that possible??)

    Also: don’t forget the Reader Poll 2: With Different Prizes. Don’t miss the bonus question: and feel free to contact us or other publishers if you’d like their books added to the site.

    Happy days!

    Subscriptions Bestsellers

    1. Fireside Magazine
    2. The Rifter 
    3. Lightspeed Magazine
    4. Clarkesworld Magazine
    5. Apex Magazine
      Beneath Ceaseless Skies

    Single Title Bestsellers

    1. Point of Hopes: A Novel of Astreiant, Melissa Scott et al.
    2. After the Fall . . . , Nancy Kress
      Redwood and Wildfire, Andrea Hairston
      Fairy Tale Review Special Kate Bernheimer
    3. The Archer’s Heart, Astrid Amara
      Fountain of Age, Nancy Kress
    4. A Working Writer’s Daily Planner 2012 Almanac Edition
    5. After the Apocalypse, Maureen F. McHugh
      At the Mouth of the River of Bees PreorderKij Johnson
      Locus May (must be because of the Twin Spica #12 review, no?)

    Ginn Hale Bestsellers 

    1. The Rifter (Installments 1-10)
    2. Irregulars
    3. Lord of the White Hell (Book 1 + 2)
    4. Wicked Gentlemen
    5. Feral Machines


    Rifter 10! Here!

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    Wow, what a ride! Hundreds of readers are right now reading the final installment of Ginn Hale’s epic, The Rifter. What more can we say? Not much, besides thanking Ginn and everyone at Blind Eye for being so lovely to work with. Michael and I will miss the excitement of Rifter day on the second Tuesday of every month and I hope Ginn’s readers will stick around and try some of the other books around here.

    Besides the above, we’re adding three more Aqueduct Press titles, including the extremely popular, Writing the Other by Nisi Shawl and Cynthia Ward.

    And now that it’s December, you can pick up the 2011 Working Writer’s Daily Planner ebook for 99c. (There will be a 2012 edition which will appear just before 2012!)

    Last week we got an email from Jason Lundberg in Singapore asking if we’d like to carry his new collection, Red Dot Irrealso here it is!

    We also talked more with Tachyon Publications and it looks like we will be adding their excellent titles here soon. Feel free to suggest additions to the site—or to suggest to your favorite publisher that their books might make a good fit with Weightless.

    We’re also proud to bring you new ebooks and a subscription from Mike Allen, the indefatigable publisher of Mythic Delirium. We are launching MD’s first electronic subscription as well as two issues, #20, and the latest issue, #25, featuring Catherynne M. Valente, Sonya Taaffe, a translation by Lawrence Schimel, Jeannine Hall Gailey, Darrell Schweitzer, Mary A. Turzillo, and more.

    Besides all that we have the first volume in the ground-breaking, genre-bending, boundary-pushing Clockwork Phoenix anthology series, featuring many favorite authors, including: Catherynne M. Valente, David Sandner, John Grant, Cat Rambo, Leah Bobet, Michael J. DeLuca, Laird Barron, Ekaterina Sedia, Cat Sparks, Tanith Lee, Marie Brennan, Jennifer Crow, Vandana Singh, John C. Wright, C.S. MacCath, Joanna Galbraith, Deborah Biancotti and Erin Hoffman.

    This is for the Rifter fans


    There’s a Goodreads party where they’re getting ready for the release of Book 10: The Holy Bones and an ebook giveaway on the Facebook Rifter Fan Page. They’re giving away one copy each of:

    — Kathe Koja’s Gaylactic Spectrum Award winner Under the Poppy (Small Beer Press)

    — That Famous Happy End“Nothing is sweeter than following a story and its characters through all the ups and downs, the trials, the pains, and seeing them finally reach that moment, that day, that place they worked so hard to gain. Be it by way of murder, magic, misunderstanding, mischief, or mayhem, we like to see them suffer. We want the struggle, the grief, the fight. We want to see them angry, confused, hurt, battered, and on the verge of giving up.” Edited by Samantha Derr (Less Than Three Press)

    — The Irregulars, an anthology about a” secret international organization operating in cities on every continent. It polices relations between the earthly realm and those beyond this world, enforcing immigration laws, the transfers of magical artifacts, and crimes against humanity” featuring Astrid AmaraGinn HaleJosh Lanyon, and Nicole Kimberling—read an interview about the book with NicoleAstrid, and Josh here).

    And here you can read an interview with the main deal herself, Ginn Hale. To win you have to be on The Rifter Fan Page!

    The Rifter is coming to an end

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    Rifter 1: The Shattered Gates cover - click to view full sizeWhat a year it’s been! When we talked to Blind Eye Books about this last year, I had no idea how The Rifter would go.

    A huge novel about, what, 400,000 words long, delivered in 10 parts? Sure! We can do that, right? But thanks to Ginn Hale and Blind Eye hitting every deadline and Michael building a delivery system, we did. Woohoo! And there’s even a Goodreads group about it (I knew we didn’t need forums on this site!): What Will Happen Next in The Rifter.

    That was fun. Maybe we’ll do another some day. Maybe! In the meantime, there will be an online party (with giveaways) to celebrate the release of the final part, His Holy Bones, on December 13. More on that TK as we get closer to that long awaited date.

    2nd to last Rifter, more Aqueduct, new Valente, Nook Tablet

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    Wow, we are getting down to the wire with the Year of Ginn Hale. We just released the ninth installment, The Iron Temple. Next month when the last one goes out there will be a wailing and a gnashing of teeth!

    Also this week, Wyrm Publishing’s latest title, Myths of Origin by New York Times best-seller Catherynne M. Valente which collects four of her early short novels which “deconstruct, and ultimately explode the seminal myths of both East and West, casting them in ways you”ve never read before and may never read again.”

    We also have seven new titles from our friends at Aqueduct Press and soon we’re expecting to add a whole passel of titles from Circlet Press—whose Sense and Sensuality: Erotic Fantasies in the World of Jane Austen is proving very popular.

    And don’t forget the Apex Magazine subscription drive: besides the discount on the annual subscription, the 2 free books, and the prize drawings for more books, they just upgraded the top prize: if they reach 200 new subscriptions Apex will award one random subscriber a new and shiny B&N Nook Tablet.

    Last day of September

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    Beneath Ceaseless Skies Issue #78

    And you know, even though we sell ebooks and the weather doesn’t matter—we’re still here behind the site rain or shine, whereas at a book festival if it rains, off we go!—all it has done this month in the Happy Valley is rain. Argh! Has meant that although all those outside things I’ve been meaning to do (hello garden, hello Big E!) I’ve read a few more books than usual. And we’ve added a few more things: The most popular might be the Beneath Ceaseless Skies Subscription. BCS, edited by Scott H. Andrews, comes out twice a month (at a buck a pop) or $13.99 for the year. Cheap as chips!

    I also wanted to highlight Icarusthe latest issue of which got posted this week. There’s an interview with a certain Ginn Hale!

    Icarus: The Magazine of Gay Speculative Fiction presents stories and features for Fall 2011. A fairy boy confronts a human crush in Alex Jeffers’s “Liam and the Ordinary Boy.” James Bennett tells a tale of death and art and Michaelangelo’s favorite apprentice. Award-winning author Richard Bowes offers another jewel of a tale that begins when a writer meets a devoted fan at an event. Sandra McDonald tells of a mindful puss. Ken Summers, author of a collection of true queer ghost stories investigates a new haunting. Plus, this issue has reviews, gossips, an interview with Ginn Hale and the debut of a new column by Tom Cardamone, who reveals his “Lust” for the talented Geoff Ryman.

    Irregulars: preorderSpeaking of Ginn, we just added a new forthcoming title from Blind Eye Books: Irregulars, which is four novellas from their superstar line-up, Ginn Hale, Nicole Kimberling, Josh Lanyon, and Astrid Amara.

    Next week we have a new Cheeky Frawg book, Amal El-Mohtar’s extremely popular The Honey Month, as well as new issues of all your favorite (er, monthly) magazines. Man, those things are popular!

    We’ve also been wondering if we should start book subscriptions for certain publishers. We’d probably begin with Small Beer Press and expand it if there’s more interest. Tell us if it sounds interesting. Small Beer-wise we added one new ebook: Kalpa Imperial by Angélica Gorodischer. I love this book and am so happy to have the electronic edition available. Fingers crossed we will have a new chapbook of three of her stories available by the time the World Fantasy Convention rolls around as they’re going to present Angélica with a Lifetime Achievement Award. Since Kalpa Imperial is the only book of hers available in English we are just jumping up and down in our excitement. No, really!

    Anyway, that’s Small Beer. Next week: bestseller lists, new books, and, please, whoever is listening, sunshine!

    New Rifter, Clarkesworld, what’s coming

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    Part 7, Enemies and Shadows cover - click to view full sizeHey, it’s the second Tuesday of the month. Don’t we have a deadline . . . oh wait! It’s time to release the latest installment of The Rifter!  Ok people: start your readers! Rifter 7: Enemies and Shadows is now live.

    Speaking of subscriptions: Clarkesworld is having a “sort of” subscription drive. There isn’t a discount, but if they reach 500 esubscribers by the end of this month, they will add an extra story to each issue. I think that’s a pretty great reason to subscribe and you can do so here.

    In the next couple of weeks we have a few new titles from Small Beer: at last (sorry!) we’ll have the latest issue of LCRW as well as the first ebook (in English, not sure whether they’re available in Spanish) of Argentinean writer Angélica Gorodischer’s to be released in the US: Kalpa Imperial (translated by Ursula K. Le Guin).

    Angélica is one of two authors chosen to receive a Lifetime Achievement Award at the World Fantasy Convention at the end of October (yay!).

    New Rifter, New DeNiro, New TK, too

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    Something Wicked Issue 10

    What a week we had! I sent off the latest part of The Rifter, only to get a lovely polite note from a reader pointing out that somehow I had just sent out Part 3 labeled as Part 4. Oops. Fixed. Part 4, Witches’ Blood is now available. And, if you’re enjoying The Rifter, you can go say hello to Ginn Hale in the Goodreads What will happen next in The Rifter? group.

    This week we’re also proud to release an exclusive short story by one of my favorite writers: Alan DeNiro’s Moonlight is Bulletproof. It’s got a cover by Alan and is only 99 cents. Best buck you will spend this week.

    “Moonlight Is Bulletproof”

    On the first day of spring, Dispatch awakens me with a case.
    “This is a good one,” she says.

    We also have two fab new ebooks from Apex:

    Starve Better

    Starve Better
    Nick Mamatas

    Starve Better makes no promises of making you a bestselling author. It won’t feed aspiring writers’ dreams of fame and fortune.

    Let’s Play White
    Chesya Burke

    White brings with it dreams of respect, of wealth, of simply being treated as a human being. It’s the one thing Walter will never be.

    and nice news for those who love their monthly subscriptions: I’m happy to introduce our latest subscription, all the way from Canada:

    Something Wicked Magazine “a monthly Horror and Science Fiction short story magazine publishing some of the great new voices in the horror and science fiction genre.”

    While you’re here, please consider signing up as a Weightless Books affiliate. Our new widget generator means you can make author or book (or genre!) specific badges and widgets for your site.


    And: we’re hugely excited about one of the new publishers we have lined up to come on board asap: Jeff and Ann VanderMeer’s new line, Cheeky Frawg Books.

    Jeff sent us an initial list of authors and titles and this stuff is going to blow your mind. There are new books, old books, new editions, new art, new is the new is the news. Just wait!

    Sure is nice to have something like this coming down the pike.

    Thanks for going Weightless!




    May 2011 Bestsellers

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    Lightspeed Magazine Issue 13 cover - click to view full sizeWe’re readying the final few items for our subscription drive. One of those items is an affiliate program so that you can place widgets on your blogs/sites/t-shirts and earn affiliate fees on any readers you send our way. It sounds incredibly easy to talk about and is apparently incredibly hard to code. Luckily for me Michael is doing that part!

    For fun this month I gave Ginn Hale her own bestseller list. Not surprisingly The Rifter Subscription is still #1 on both of our lists but in between Ginn’s titles, it turns out we sell lots of other books but . . .  more magazines: interesting! I combined the subscriptions and the individual issues for the second list. Showing my bias: LCRW would have been #6, aww. Good thing we’re adding another couple of magazines soon, Something WickedElectric Velocipede, maybe Realms of Fantasy, as well as another that’s truly exciting!

    Thanks again for going Weightless!

    May 2011 (Ginn Hale bestseller list)

    1. The Rifter Subscription & installments, Ginn Hale
    2. Lord of the White Hell Book One and Book Two, Ginn Hale
    3. Wicked Gentlemen, Ginn Hale
    4. Feral Machines, Ginn Hale

    May 2011 (everything else!)

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