Michael Cisco ebooks

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    This week we have four Michael Cisco ebooks that readers have long been anticipating:

    The Divinity Student: The International Horror Guild Award-winning novel that launched the career of a writer sometimes described as “the American Kafka.” Struck by lightning, resurrected, cut open, and stuffed full of … More

    The Golem: The sequel to the International Horror Guild Award-winning novel…. More

    The Tyrant: An audacious dark novel detailing a battle in a phantasmagorical hell, a cult classic of weird … More

    The Traitor: As Publishers Weekly wrote, “Cisco (The Tyrant) ups the ante for provocative dark fantasy by giving this coming-of-age tale a subtle metaphysical edge”… More

    The ebooks were created from the author’s preferred texts as published in hardcover by Centipede Press and each one features a new introduction.Sharp-eyed readers will also note that while the 4 covers below all link to the individual books, the covers are also all part of one big illustration by Jeremy Zerfoss—which we’ve added in below.

    The Traitor The Tyrant The Golem The Divinity Student

    Click on the image below for a full-size version.

    Cisco illustration

    Cheeky Frawg for the holidays

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    Tainaron: Mail from Another City cover - click to view full sizeIf you’ve just received a new ereader for the holidays—or if someone gave you a Gift Certificate, Welcome to Weightless! We offer DRM-free ebooks from a wide variety of independent voices. All your ebooks are always available in your Library in all formats provided. Here are just a few recommxended books from me and from Michael.

    Just in time for Christmas and the holidays, we have two new titles from Jeff and Ann VanderMeer’s Cheeky Frawg:

    Nnedi Okorafor says of Amos Tutuola’s Don’t Pay Bad for Bad: “I first discovered the worlds of Amos Tutuola deep in the African Literature section of Michigan State University’s library. I haven’t been the same since. His stories utterly threw me off. Theywere Yoruba folktales woven into indigenous quirky Nigerian fantasy. Tutuola’s work is under-celebrated, overwhelming, deliciously mad and many times just plain hilarious. In his worlds, Death isn’t even safe from misfortune. His tales are both local and universal. If you are a fan of speculative literature, Don’t Pay Bad for Bad is required reading.”

    The second title is Leena Krohn’s Tainaron: Mail from Another City which Publishers Weekly gave a starred review to: “Her elegiac linguistic melodies enthrall the mind’s ear, evoking as well bittersweet intimations of immortality more lovely, dangerous and disturbing than any realistic voice might utter.”

    And with these two books, Cheeky Frawg reaches ten titles, including one of the late hits of 2012, Karin Tidbeck’s Jagganath, cult favorite The Honey Month by Amal El-Mohtar, and many others.

    Are we having a sitewide holiday sale? Not this year, but you can always check here to keep up with new specials.

    Don’t Pay Bad for Bad cover - click to view full size