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From Editor Joe Vaz:

Apr 2012

Firstly let me apologise for the lengthy silence. Things have come to pass in Something Wicked Land that we were hoping to avoid and have spent a good deal of the last 7 weeks trying to come up with alternatives, which, I think, we have.

This has been a strange and tumultuous year so far, with neither Vianne nor I managing to obtain the oh-so-needed freelance work that keeps both us, and the magazine alive, and unfortunately we’ve had to triage our lives. First comes us and the family, and then the magazine. As a result everything has been put on the back burner while we’ve been attempting to make ends meet. To make matters even more complicated, we’ve committed ourselves to a family get-together in Europe which has put further strain on our time and finances, but it’s a commitment that we can’t get out of, as too many family members are involved to cancel now. We were hoping to get the April, May and June issues finished before we left, but with us concentrating on travel plans and trying to find work, this has just not been possible.

And so here comes the piece of news you’ve been dreading but probably already knew was coming. Something Wicked is officially stopping our monthly publication schedule. We simply can’t keep up, and we’re not making enough to be able to hire help (or even pay the regulars, for that matter).

The online mag was always going to be an experiment and I think, as such, we succeeded; we managed to publish ten issues beyond our print grave and collected some damn good stories by some damn good writers. And we’re not done yet.

Even though we have stopped the monthly issues, we are still going ahead with the promised Annual Print Anthologies, the first of which, Something Wicked Volume One, should be out by mid-July/early-August. Look out for an announcement within the next week.

Once again, this is not the end.
Vianne, Mark and I love publishing Something Wicked and we will continue to do so for as long as possible. In the long run we are hoping to put out an annual print/electronic anthology rather than a monthly e-magazine.
We will also endeavour to publish one story a month on the website, starting with Angel Propps’s “The Time Hangs Heavy” and we’ll keep the website and community alive with sporadic reviews and interviews.

The rest of Issue 20 will be available for sale as an e-Magazine eventually, but it is not actually finished yet. We will be releasing the rest of Issue 20 slowly over the next few months, starting with the already mentioned “The Time Hangs Heavy”, by Angel Propps and followed by CS Fuqua’s “Demons”, Taylor Hanton’s “Lanchester Square” and Grey Freeman’s exquisite ghost story, “Promises”.

We also have an interview with Alastair Reynolds and review of his latest book, Blue Remembered Earth, which, as above, will be published in due time.

All of this and more, still coming, I just don’t know when.

With our schedule tossed to the four winds, the best way to keep up to date is to either subscribe to our RSS feed ( or follow us on twitter, (, and we’ll keep you posted.

Till next time…


Something Wicked was a monthly online and electronic-download science fiction and horror magazine until April 2012.

Something Wicked was founded in 2006 as a print magazine and ran for ten issues before moving to online in May of 2011.

We publish science fiction and horror fiction from around the world and have featured several award-winning authors including Arthur C Clarke Award winner Lauren Beukes, Sarah Lotz and Abigail Godsell.

Published monthly, we feature some of the best new voices in horror and science fiction from around the world.

Our monthly publication schedule consists of three pieces of short fiction and one novella, along with nonfiction articles. Content is posted weekly from the first Tuesday of every month. Ebook editions and editorials are available from the 1st of each month.

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2 Responses to “Something Wicked Magazine 12 Month Subscription”

  1. Velox1 says:

    Is this a quarterly, as it is invoiced by PayPal, or is it a monthly, as described on your offerings page? Thank you.

    • Gavin says:

      Something Wicked is a monthly magazine. Sorry I had mis-labelled it a quarterly. The publisher confirmed the change from quarterly print to monthly so the new issue will go up in a couple of days.



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