Something Wicked Issue 06 (May 2008)

Joe Vaz et al.

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Something Wicked magazine is a Horror and Science Fiction short story magazine. Something Wicked has published fiction by John Connolly, David De Beer, Evan Morris, Sarah Lotz, Brett Venter, Diane Awerbuck, Miranda Sherry, Digby C Young, Lauren Beukes, Sam Wilson and Ryan Saunders to name but a few. Featuring art by some the best new artists around. Featured interviews have included John Connolly, Stephen King, Neil Gaiman, Ed Neumeier and Jolene Blalock.
Issue 6 features Part 2 of Brett Venter’s &Arial: The Beginning–available as an eBook through
Issue 6 Cover by Pierre Smit

Making Waves by Abigail Godsell,
art by Christine King
Eyes by Inge Papp,
art by Emil Papp
&Arial: Overload by Brett Venter,
art by Pierre Smit
Asylum by Roe Malan,
art by Emily Tolson
Without Face by Michael Bailey,
art by Vincent Sammy
Curiously Insane by Edward Stone,
art by Keith V Whalen
Day of The Whales by Widaad Pangarker,
art by Hendrik Gericke

The Revolution by Joe Doe,
art by Eddie Marz
Cohen’s Last Stand by Jenny Robson,
art by Emily Tolson
Step Right Up by Brett Venter,
art by Vianne Birth
One by Brett Rex Bruton,
art by Vianne

Editor’s Note
Interview with Jolene Blalock, by Joe Vaz
Mark Sykes’ Sixth Sense of Humour
Writers Cornered: SA Partridge–by Vianne Venter
A (very) Brief History of SF–by ErikG
Book Reviews
Music Reviews
Games Reviews
First Look at Indiana Jones by Joe Vaz

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