Shimmer Magazine – Issue 29

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Places hold their own magic. The woods. A city. The river that winds between them as lazy as a Sunday morning. These four stories explore magical places and those who dare wander into them.

In this issue, we introduce you to three new-to-Shimmer authors, and welcome Megan Arkenberg back, with a story of stunning beauty.

“Palingenesis,” by Megan Arkenberg
Every city has an explanation. A strike of coal or silver that brought the miners running, or a hot spring that holds the frost at bay. A railroad or a shift in the current. Most people say this city started with the river.

“The Fifth Gable,” by Kay Chronister
The first woman to live in the four-gabled house fermented her unborn children in the wine cellar. When they came to term, she broke them open on the floorboards. Her heartiest son weighed half an ounce at birth.

“The Block,” by Kostas Ikonomopoulos
The tenement block stands at the edge of the city overlooking a ravine and the hills beyond. The block is perpetually shrouded in mist and when it rains its dark exterior acquires a darker hue. It is old and unmaintained and so are its residents.“Another Beginning,” by Michael McGlade

Ógán is a magpie, but he wasn’t always a bird…

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