Salome and other Decadent Fantasies

Brian Stableford (Author)

Decadent literature is intrinsically and proudly a literature of moral challenge; it is sceptical, cynical, and satirical. It recognizes that everyday morality does not work either in practical or in psychological terms, and is therefore a sham, but that ideal morality is — not necessarily unfortunately — unattainable. This volume collects the best of Brian Stableford’s decadent work, including: “Salome,” “O For a Fiery Gloom and Thee,” “The Last Worshipper of Proteus,” “The Evil That Men Do,” “Ebony Eyes,” “The Fisherman’s Child,” “The Storyteller’s Tale,” “The Unluckiest Thief,” “The Flowers in the Forest,” “The Mandrake Garden,” and “Chanterelle.”

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