Reckoning 7

Octavia Cade et al.

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“[O]ne of those speculative fiction magazines that I get genuinely excited to read because the kind of stories they publish are always some concept or execution I’ve never seen before.”

—Alex Brown, reviewer for

Reckoning 7, edited by Octavia Cade, Priya Chand, and Tim Fab-Eme, focuses on oceans and the global water cycle.

Featuring poetry, essays, fiction, and art by Elsie Andrewes, Priya Chand, Tim Fab-Eme, Octavia Cade, Nadine Aurora Tabing, Emily Alta Hockaday, Tehnuka, Naila Francis, C.G. Aubrey, Anastasia Jill, Dheepa R. Maturi, The Reverend Emilie Teresa Smith, E.C. Barrett, Rajiv Moté, Sam Claussen, Virginia Boudreau, Sera Gamble, Ruth Joffre, Ivy Raff, Colm O’Shea, Elizabeth Wilson Davies, Oyedotun Damilola Muees, Ejiro Elizabeth Edward, Aparna Paul, Amanda Yskamp, Maria S. Picone, Susan L. Lin, Micah Nemerever, Mo Usavage, Varun U. Shetty, L. Chan, Justine Norton-Kertson, Sara E. Palmer, Filomena Acosta, J.H. Lee, Floris M. Kleijne, Cristina Legarda, Dyani Sabin, Kelsea Yu, and T. K. Rex.

Ebook release: January 8, 2023

Print release: July 2023

Trade paper, perfect-bound. 256 pages, 65,000 words.



Drua – Elsie Andrewes
Sacral – Amanda Yskamp


Editorial – Priya Chand
Editorial – Tim Fab-Eme
Editorial – Octavia Cade
A River Dance: Cauvery in Crisis – Dheepa R. Maturi
From the River to the Sea – The Reverend Emilie Teresa Smith
The Dream Catcher’s Island – Ejiro Elizabeth Edward


The Bright in the Gyre – Nadine Aurora Tabing
Why We Bury Our Dead at Sea – Tehnuka
A Predatory Transience – C.G. Aubrey
Swimming Whole – E.C. Barrett
The Air Will Catch Us – Rajiv Moté
Icediver – Ruth Joffre
A Song for the Selkies – Oyedotun Damilola Muees
Little Apocalypses – Aparna Paul
Inclement Weather – Susan L. Lin
What It Means to Love a City – Mo Usavage
The Sand Knows Its Way Home – L. Chan
A Glass of You – Filomena Acosta
Yellow River Burial – Floris M. Kleijne
A Scarcity of Sharks – Kelsea Yu


Lies You’ve Told About the Pacific Garbage Patch – Emily Alta Hockaday
After encountering the grey whales in El Burbujon, Laguna Ojo de Liebre – Naila Francis
Facebook Event: Run into the Category 5 Winds of a Woman Pretending to be a Hurricane – Anastasia Jill
The Split-in-Half Lumberjacks – Sam Claussen
Aftermath – Virginia Boudreau
the world as it is – Sera Gamble
In Memory of Thwaites Glacier – Ivy Raff
Carbon Sink – Colm O’Shea
Cantre’r Gwaelod – Elizabeth Wilson Davies
Ocean Vengeance – Maria S. Picone
P-T – Micah Nemerever
Losing Ground – Varun U. Shetty
Great Barrier Reef – Justine Norton-Kertson
Reconciliation – Sara E. Palmer
Sublease of Land – J.H. Lee
How to Place an Intravenous Line – Cristina Legarda
History of Orconectes – Dyani Sabin

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