Two Voltairean Plays: The Triumvirate and Comedy at Ferney

Frank J. Morlock (Translated by), Voltaire (Author), Louis Lurine (Author)

Set in Roman times, Voltaire’s play THE TRIUMVIRATE details a meeting on an island between Anthony and Octavian, in which the two main players in the post-Caesar Roman world decide how to divide up the spoils of war–and eliminate all potential rivals. Anthony agrees to divorce his wife Fulvia and marry Octavian’s sister; and Octavian wants to marry Julia, Lucius’s daughter, who loves Sextus Pompey, son of Pompey the Great. When a storm lands Julia and Pompey Junior on the island, Fulvia agrees to help the star-crossed lovers–if they will aid her in gaining her revenge on Anthony and Octavian. Louis Lurine and Albéric Second’s play COMEDY AT FERNEY features an elderly Voltaire, who must put off a starstruck young female fan who wants to meet him. But Voltaire’s guest, the Prince de Ligne, decides to use the situation to sample the favors of the infatuated woman. A clever and swift-moving comedy.

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