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The Sword of Shadows

The Voidal, Vol. 3

Adrian Cole (Author)

Throughout all universes and dimensions, a great darkness is gathering, forging itself into a monstrous force bent on an all-consuming path of destruction. Against this impending cataclysm stands one man – the enigmatic Voidal, creature of myth and legend, and with him a small band of reluctant followers, themselves god-cursed renegades. Among them are Elfloq the familiar, Orgoom the Blue Gelder, Scyllarza the demoness, and Evergreed, the fallen god. In a Hell-forged alliance, they travel to the very heart of the nightmare omniverse to uncover the last of its frightful secrets. THE SWORD OF SHADOWS, third and climactic volume of the Voidal trilogy, is sword and sorcery in the tradition of the fabulous Dying Earth and Eternal Champion sagas!

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