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The Sow’s Ear

A Paisley Sterling Mystery

E. Joan Sims (Author)

Author turned amateur sleuth Paisley Sterling returns in a new mystery! When Paisley overhears two busybody gossips talking at the gym, little does she realize it’s the beginning of a new mystery…

“Do you really think he murdered her?”

“I tell you, Crystal, she’d never been sick a day in her life! The woman was a walking, talking, medical miracle. Winston used to say if everyone in Rowan Springs were as healthy as Millicent Grazziani, he would have to hang his shingle out somewhere else.”

“But, murder, Agnes? Isn’t that going a bit too far? Do you really think that puny little guy could get up enough gumption to kill somebody?” Crystal’s laugh was rich and boisterous. “I remember when he was working as a hairdresser in Mildred’s Beauty Box — that’s how he met Millicent in the first place — he used to go to her house and do her hair twice a week. You could have knocked me over with a straw when he moved in with her. The story was that Millicent hated him. Used to tease him all the time. Called him ‘Willie the wimp.'”

“People are funny,” agreed Agnes. “Rich eccentric little old ladies included.”

“Well, there’s nothing funny about being the sole heir to one rich, eccentric little old lady’s estate. Especially when she kicks the bucket under suspicious circumstances…”

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