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The Secret Trail (Jimmy Rezaire #2)

Jimmy Rezaire, newly released from prison, opens a Private Inquiry agency and immediately gets drawn into trying to rout a spy ring that has stolen the Murchison bomb sight and plans to smuggle it out of the country to Russia. His one-time girlfriend Vivienne and pal Harry Hyslop (aka H.H.) have been running a shoplifting scam, which adds further complications!
“Armstrong’s understanding of drama keep the books moving swiftly, while the plot unfolds in snappy dialogue and exposition…the fun is watching Jimmie as he thinks and fights his way out the various deadly traps set by the opposition and the chases in fast, low-slung cars, motor boats, airplanes, and on trains, across rooftops, down foggy roads, through busy London streets, and across the Channel in France.” –David L. Vineyard (
“A swiftly moving detective story…should satisfy the most jaded taste.” — Brooklyn NY Daily Eagle

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