The Second Murray Leinster Megapack

20 Science Fiction Classics

Murray Leinster (Author)

“Hours of great reading away, with The Second Murray Leinster
Megapack! Leinster — a staple in the Golden
Age of pulp science fiction — penned more than a thousand stories during his
long and celebrated career. This volume selects 20 more (all published between
1919 and 1960).

Included are:

Evidence (1919)

Murder Madness (1930)

The Extra Intelligence (1935)

The Eternal Now (1944)

The Ethical Equations (1945)

The Plants (1946)

Friends (1947)

The Laws of Chance (1947)

The Day of the Deepies (1947)

Propagandist (1947)

West Wind (1948)

Planet of Sand (1948)

The Night Before the End Of the World (1948)

This Star Shall Be Free (1949)

Cure for a Ylith (1949)

Keyhole (1951)

The Middle of the Week After Next (1952)

Overdrive (1953)

The Wailing Asteroid (1960)

Attention Saint Patrick (1960)

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