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The Old Man of the Stars

John Burke (Author)

Who was the man who never grew old? Even in the enlightened society of near-future Earth, he was feared, reviled, castigated for remaining forever young. But when Matthew admits to his amazing longevity, and its source in biological science, he’s called a liar. Life on Earth becomes intolerable, until he volunteers to travel on the world first interstellar spaceship–a multi-generation colony ship that will take centuries to complete its voyage. And even when he reaches journey’s end–the planet Elysium–he finds personal discontent–a restlessness that will only be settled when he returns to his distant past!

Paired with this novella is “The Recusants,” the story of the creation of mental supermen–a race generated by ourselves! But when one of the advanced humans turns on the others, civil war may loom. Two great SF stories by a great storyteller.

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