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The Movie

A Romance

Patti Beckman (Author)

This is Hollywood in the 1980s. Beautiful, classy Natalie Brooks is the reigning young star of big-hit movies, earning the studio millions in profits. Kirk Trammer is one of the new breed of directors–talented but demanding. After a steamy romance, the two stars marry, but their marriage hits rocky ground when Kirk directs a box-office disaster. The two split apart, and Kirk moves to Europe. Now Kirk is back with a new script, but the Hollywood studio will only fund “THE MOVIE” if Natalie takes the lead role. Kirk tries to patch their relationship. But is he just turning on his charm so that his film will be made, or he does he really love Natalie? With the project teetering on the abyss, Natalie must make her decision–and her life and her career will be changed forever! Another riveting romance novel by Patti Beckman!

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