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The Counterfeit Heinlein

A Gerald Knave Science Fiction Adventure

“Robert A. Heinlein would have loved this book!” — Spider Robinson

In the distant future, when most of Earth’s 20th century literature — including science fiction — has been lost, a previously unknown Robert A. Heinlein story turns up. Is it real or counterfeit? It’s up to Gerald Knave to scope out the truth. Because it just may be a life-or-death case for him!

“Both Knave and I have more respect and admiration for Robert A. Heinlein than either of us can well say. Nothing said by any person in this report is to be taken as a denigration of Heinlein or his work; indeed, no sf writer mentioned, quoted from, or alluded to by Knave or by any Misfit lacks the respect and admiration we both gladly give him, or her.” –Laurence M. Janifer

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