Sherlock Holmes Mystery Magazine #7

Marvin Kaye (Edited by), C.E. Lawrence (Author), Arthur Conan Doyle (Author)

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The seventh issue of “Sherlock Holmes Mystery Magazine” is another fine selection of tales about Sherlock Holmes, or in the Sherlockian spirit.


The Dead House, by Bruce Kilstein

A Letter from Legrand, by David Ellis

An Old-Fashioned Villain, by Nick Andreychuk

The Premature Murder, by Michael Mallory

The Double, by Janice Law

The Way It Is (novel excerpt), by Carole Buggé

A House Divided, by Marc Bilgrey

Classic reprint:

A Scandal in Bohemia, by Arthur Conan Doyle


From Watson’s Scrapbook (Editorial), by John H. Watson, M.D.

Moriarty’s Mailbag, by Professor Moriarty

The Adventures of the Six Napoleons…of Crime, by Lenny Picker

C.E. Lawrence — The Darker Half of Carole Buggé (interview)

Sherlock’s Big Finish: An Interview with Nicholas Briggs, conducted by M J Elliott

The Roots of the Psychic Detective in Fiction, by Lee Weinstein

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