Sherlock Holmes Mystery Magazine #12

Marvin Kaye (Edited by)

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Sherlock Holmes Mystery Magazine returns with its January/February 2014 issue, presenting the best in modern and classic mystery fiction! Included this time are the usual columns by Lenny Picker and Mrs Hudson, plus the following stories:

A Scandal in BO Media, by Hal Charles
Challenger’s Titanic Challenge, by Gary Lovisi
We Hate the Taste of Jellyfish, by Jay Carey
The Disappearance of the Vatican Emissary, by Jack Grochot
Last Man Standing, by Dianne Ell
Colonel Warburton’s Madness, by Sasscer Hill
Country Cooking, by John M. Floyd
Foot Patrol, by Laird Long
The Killing of General Patton, by William E. Chambers
BBC’s Sherlock: A Review, by Carole Bugge
The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle, by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

“Sherlock Holmes Mystery Magazine” is produced under license from Conan Doyle Estate Ltd.

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