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Secret Agent X: Claws of the Corpse Cult

Brant House (Author)

The identity of Secret Agent “X” is an enigma. He comes and goes veiled in a cloak of mystery. His name, his background, and even his date of birth are riddles, even to those who know him best. He is a man of a thousand faces–master of make-up, voice impersonation, and acting.

With the dogs of war snarling at the door of the United States, Secret Agent “X” goes where other investigators dare not follow … to the cesspits of Hawaii, where spies and plots abound, where a secret Hindu cult does the bidding of a foreign government bent on plunging the U.S.A. into the midst of a new global war!

This thrilling Secret Agent “X” novel, among the best in the series, will delight all fans of classic pulp fiction!

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