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Reckoning Infinity

John E. Stith (Author)

“It’s early in the new millennium, and the outer reaches of our solar system have been explored. Vast orbital stations the size of middle-sized countries dot the system, filled with thriving colonies. Mankind has grown to fill the void and is poised to colonize the stars. The universe seems to be a stable, comfortable place—and the only voices to echo through space have been human.
Until now.
A fast-moving entity the size of a small moon has entered our solar system. Is it a ship? A new life form? An alien probe sent to destroy other sentient races?
Lieutenant Commander Alis Mary Nussem, disfigured in a devastating ship accident and now more machine than woman, agrees to go on the dangerous mission to investigate the object. She is eager to make a difference and somehow reclaim the humanity that she lost. What she doesn’t bargain for is the sudden appearance of Lieutenant Karl Stanton, a man whose life seems to resemble Job’s—and who was directly responsible for the accident that nearly killed her. These two very different people must work together on an odyssey that will force them to reevaluate their very lives. And what they find will change mankind’s universe forever….

“”Wondrous situations, marvelous discoveries, good characters, and a nicely tuned plot.””—Science Fiction Chronicle

“”Highly recommended.””—Library Journal”

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