Olympias; and, The Temple of Glory: Two Plays

Frank J. Morlock (Translated by)

OLYMPIAS is one of Voltaire’s most powerful tragedies. It’s based on the suspicion that King Alexander the Great was poisoned, and left an infant daughter, Olympias, by his Persian wife Statira, daughter of the last Persian king. Olympias was raised by Cassander, son of King Antipater of Macedon, who’s also tried to murder Statira (although she survived, unbeknownst to him). Now Cassader has succeeded his father as King, but is riddled with guilt over his crimes. Olympias has been raised in ignorance by Cassander, whom she loves. When the real facts of her origin–and her proposed husband’s evil deeds–are revealed to her by her mother, she’s caught between her genuine affection for the King, and the knowledge of who he really is. Included with this classic play is THE TEMPLE OF GLORY, an opera libretto set in classical times. Two little-known works by one of the greatest French writers.

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