Murder in the Willett Family

A Lt. Valcour Mystery

Rufus King (Author)

An extortionist’s note, demanding $20,000 in cash and threatening the kidnapping of Kate Willett’s two mentally unbalanced sons, sent Lieutenant Valcour rushing up to the Willetts’ Adirondacks camp.

There, death struck with slashing suddenness while Valcour was talking to young Arthur Willett, who was sprawled on a sofa smoking a cigarette. Listening to the crackling roar of flames in the fireplace, Valcour detected the odor of burning cloth. He glanced at Arthur to find the cigarette lying in Arthur’s lap and Arthur’s chin slumped on his chest. Valcour rushed to his side and in stunned amazement stared at the dark mark where a bullet had entered Arthur’s skull!

A fast-moving drama of multiple murder, featuring Lieutenant Valcour at top form!

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