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Milton’s Century

A Timeline of the Literary, Political, Religious, and Social Centext of John Milton's Life

No artist creates his works in a vacuum. Beyond the conscious influence of books read, artwork seen, minds probed (through conversation or exchange of letters), writers are in no small part products of everything that surrounds them–people, places, things, events. MILTON’S CENTURY is designed to place one particular genius–John Milton, arguably the finest poet the English nation (perhaps even Western civilization) has produced–in the context of his time. And what a remarkable time it was–a century of revolutions, of discoveries, of literary and artistic efflorescence, of religious turmoil and political turbulence, of plagues and fires and ultimate rebuilding…and of the first adumbrations of the Modern Age. MILTON’S CENTURY becomes vital and alive for twenty-first-century readers through the vast network of connections and interconnections that Professor Collings articulates. [Borgo Literary Guides, No. 15.]

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