Matador, Mi Amor

A Novel of Romance

William Maltese (Author)

Did Lalo Montego commit suicide in the bullring–and if so, why? And why did he leave his ranchero, hacienda, and bulls to his once-upon-a-time stepdaughter, Alyssa Dunlap, rather than to his only son, Adriano? Alyssa is left wondering if Adriano’s sudden romantic interest in her is the result of true love, or just a maneuver to reclaim an inheritance he believes is rightfully his. The popular matador Funuco de Galena also warns her about Adriano’s intentions, but he has his own reasons to disrespect Adriano, since the handsome young bullfighter threatens to surpass Funuco’s renown in the ring. And someone is shooting Montego bulls before they even reach the corrida. A heart-felt story that will thrill all lovers of romantic suspense!

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