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Lead Me Not

A Romance of Aviation

James B. Johnson (Author)

The year is 1978. Rudyard “Rudd” Kipling Six is a pilot and Vietnam war hero. Aloha Blaze is what her friends call “Your basic karate expert, sky-diving entrepreneur pilot, drop-dead gorgeous, four-point-zero student.” Together, they begin a stormy, steamy love affair that flares red-hot and grows even hotter. But time and circumstance intervene. Aloha flirts with a star quarterback and a mysterious Marine named Buddy, while Rudd encounters the lovely French tennis champion Colette and an English professor named Amanda. Aloha can fly circles around any man, whether in an airplane or otherwise. But there’s trouble in the Florida skies…and on the ground. A grand romance of two strong-minded individuals finding themselves–and each other!

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