The Hieromonk's Tale, Book Two

Robert Reginald (Author)

In the not-quite-Earth of Nova Europa, east is fighting west, in a war of politics, culture, and religion. The King of Korynthia has assembled an army to invest neighboring Pommerelia. Initially, everything seems to favor the invaders–save for the continuing unexplained murders of high-level Korynthia officials. Some malevolent force is at work, driving the combatants forward, driving them toward the climactic battle of Killingford. And there everything–or nothing–will be decided! Dr. Michael R. Collings says: “Within the course of a single year, Kings and Kingdoms rise and fall, hopes and ambitions are fulfilled and destroyed. Robert Reginald’s The Hieromonk’s Tale trilogy is a magnificent medieval triptych featuring exquisitely drawn scenes of heroism and treachery, of domesticity and warfare, of greatness and madness.” The Hieromonk’s Tale, Book Two.

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