Homely in the Cradle and Other Stories

A.R. Morlan (Author)

“Think of this collection as a literary grab-bag…chances are there’s at least one story you’ll like/love/enjoy, others which will amuse you, still others which might disturb, and perhaps one or so which you probably won’t like. While the bulk of my fictional output over the years has been roughly divided between horror/dark fantasy, science fiction and erotica (of various types), a few pieces have either slipped through the genre cracks, or simply didn’t make it into my other collections, either due to content, length, or availability at the time I was assembling those other collections. I’ve done a couple of western stories, and some undefined things which cover multiple genres, and some poetry which didn’t fit in my other collections either — there’s even a short non-fiction piece about my beloved, late cat Bruiser (the same cat featured in my novel The Amulet), as well as a chapter from an outlined but never written Ewerton novel.” — A.R. Morlan, from the Introduction

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