Fostering Death: Jesse Damon Crime Novel #2

KM Rockwood (Author)

Jesse Damon has spent most of the last twenty years in prison on a murder conviction. Now paroled, he’s trying to beat the odds and walk the straight-and-narrow with a pair of overactive cops watching him for mistakes. He’s got a one-room apartment, a job working the overnight shift at a factory, and a sometimes girlfriend named Kelly. If he can just stay out of trouble, he may even be able to join the union.
But when he pays his last respects to Mrs. Coleman, his foster mother, he discovers her death is being investigated as a murder. And he’s the prime suspect.
Jesse’s life is getting complicated fast, with a group of religious fanatics in saffron robes opening a tabernacle in the abandoned pizza parlor over his apartment, problems at work, and Kelly’s custody battle with her ex. It’s a lot to deal with while he tries to find out who really killed Mrs. Coleman — and get the cops off his back!

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