Enemy of the State

Fantastic Mystery Stories

E.C. Tubb (Author), Philip Harbottle (Edited by)

With the renewal of the Cold War, the Security Services in the West were jittery: a saboteur could, now, as never before, destroy a fantastic amount of material, production potential, and infrastructure. Civilization had grown so unbelievably complex that it was hopelessly vulnerable to an internal enemy. And an atom bomb could be carried in a suitcase. Now that nightmare had become a reality. An enemy agent had planted a hidden atom bomb, timed to explode within a short time. The man had been captured, but had been conditioned against confessing where he had hidden it. Unless the device could be located and deactivated, an entire town would become radioactive ash and thousands would die. The first of five cutting-edge tales of suspense, horror, and science fiction by a master storyteller. Great reading!

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