Before Earth Came

Two Classic Science Fiction Short Novels

John Russell Fearn (Author), Philip Harbottle (Introduction by)

BEFORE EARTH CAME launches a new series collecting the early pioneering pulp magazine novelettes of John Russell Fearn, with the first-ever reprinting of “Before Earth Came” and “Subconscious.”

Both stories abound with unbridled imagination and a sense of wonder, examples of the pioneering stories being written in SF more than 80 years ago.

In “Before Earth Came,” Fearn’s storyline of how alien scientists, facing the imminent utter destruction of their planet, seek to preserve their heritage by sending it to Earth, was later copied by the creators of Superman.

And “Subconscious” was one of the very first SF stories to utilize the theory of Charles Fort that “We are Property!” … a theme that has echoed down science fiction ever since!

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