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Sometimes the Spoon Runs Away with Another Spoon Coloring Book

Hold onto your hats Heather’s mommies…. Watch out Uncle Watzit and Uncle Whozit… there’s a new coloring book in town and Pat Robertson ain’t gonna like it one bit.

We have the power to change fairy tales and nursery rhymes so that these stories are more realistic. In Sometimes the Spoon Runs Away With Another Spoon you will find anecdotes of real kids’ lives and true-to-life fairy tale characters. This book pushes us beyond rigid gender expectations while we color fantastic beasts who like pretty jewelry and princesses who build rocket ships.

Celebrate sensitive boys, tough girls, and others who do not fit into a disempowering gender categorization.

Sometimes the Spoon…aids the work of dismantling the Princess Industrial Complex by moving us forward with more honest representations of our children and ourselves. Color to your heart’s content. Laugh along with the characters. Write your own fairy tales. Share your own truths.

“These coloring books are beautiful and visionary.” –Jennifer Berger, About-Face

“…coloring this would be a very meditative way to remind yourself about self-acceptance and diversity…” –Zine World

“Get this cool feminist coloring book even if you don’t have a kid.” —Jane Pratt, founding editor, Jane and Sassy magazines on Girls are Not Chicks Coloring Book

“An ingeniously subversive coloring book.” —Heather Findlay, editor in chief, Girlfriends magazine on Girls are Not Chicks Coloring Book

Jacinta Bunnell is an artist and writer living in New York’s Hudson Valley where she enjoys makes coloring books for a gender-defiant new world. Jacinta is a rehabilitated and reformed cheerleader who now has pep rallies for all sorts of freaks.

When Nat Kusinitz was in 6th grade he saw a painting of Frida Kahlo with all of her hair chopped off and was never the same again. He currently resides in New Orleans, where he spends his time riding the streetcar around and staring wistfully out of windows.

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