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Lickin’ The Beaters 2

Siue Moffat et al.

Vegan Chocolate and Candy

Chocolate, candy, and even ice creem–a vegan alternative to ice cream–are featured in this fun vegan dessert cookbook.

The beaters go on—in Lickin’ the Beaters 2: Vegan Chocolate and Candy, the second of Siue Moffat’s fun vegan dessert cookbooks.
Themed around the duality of desert–an angel on one shoulder and a devil on the other–Siue takes chocolate, candy and even ice creem (vegan alternative to ice cream) head-on with quirky illustrations, useful hints and a handy “Quick Recipe” indicator to make using this book simple and amusing. With an understanding that dessert should be an indulgence, Moffat provides vegan renditions of tantalizing delicacies both traditional and original.
Recipes include old favorites such as Carmel Corn, Salt Water Taffy, Pralines, Cookies, Cakes and Fudge as well as some brave new gluten-free recipes like Fabulous Flourless Chocolate Torte and Toll-Free Chocolate Chip cookies.

“Sugar and Spice and all things nice. That’s what this little book is made of.” Sarah Kramer, author of Vegan-A- Gogo and How it All Vegan

“Lickin’ the Beaters 2 is not for the faint of heart! Are you afraid of sugar and fat? Then don’t buy this book! For those who like their vegan desserts sweet and rich I dare you to bake and boil until your house smells like a chocolate factory and your friends come banging on your door.” Chad Miller, Food Fight Vegan Grocery

Siue Moffat puts things on paper and film. She loves making vegan candy (she has started a chocolate truffle business) and inspecting beat up film collections. Radical politics make her eyes light up and Peanuts comics make her giggle. Siue lives here and there and has a love/hate relationship with sugar and punk rock.

For over half her life Missy Kulik has been a self-publisher. Her background is focused in graphic design, but her first love is art. Missy works as a product and graphic designer by day, but by night she draws comics for the free weekly paper called Flagpole Magazine. In her spare time she enjoys sewing, baking, drawing, and studying trapeze. She lives in a very cute house with Raoul and her cat, Nilla in Athens, Georgia.

Celso grew up in Boulder, Colorado but now lives in Portland, Oregon where he works as a care-taker and writes his comic ‘Monk in Ogreland’. He has done work in such zines as, ‘Celso’, ‘Free’, ‘Hame-Kame-Ha!’, and ‘Clip-Tart’. Although he can’t commune with inter-dimensional beings, he often pretends he can and convinces others that this is so.

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