• Black Static #54
    Formats :

    Black Static #54 Andy Cox

    The September–October issue contains four long stories by Steven J. Dines, Ralph Robert Moore, Julie C. Day, and Malcolm Devlin.

    The cover art is by Richard Wagner, with interior illustrations by Richard again, Joachim… More

  • The Big Red Songbook: 250+ IWW Songs!
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    The Big Red Songbook: 250+ IWW Songs! Archie Green et al.

    In 1905, representatives from dozens of radical labor groups came together in Chicago to form One Big Union—the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW), known as the Wobblies. The union was a big presence in the labor movement,… More

  • Hard Light
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    Hard Light Elizabeth Hand

    Punk photographer Cass Neary, “one of noir’s great anti-heroes” (Katherine Dunn, author of Geek Love), rages back in the series that began with the award-winning novels Generation Loss and Available Dark. Fleeing… More

  • The Chemical Wedding by Christian Rosencreutz
    Formats :

    The Chemical Wedding by Christian Rosencreutz John Crowley et al.

    November 8, 2016

    A new edition celebrating the 400th anniversary of one of the most outlandish stories in Western literature. With new illustrations.

    A Romance in Eight Days By Johann Valentin Andreae

    In a new versionMore

  • After the Apocalypse
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    After the Apocalypse Maureen F. McHugh

    The apocalypse was yesterday. These stories are today.

    Publishers Weekly Top 10 Best Books of 2011 Shirley Jackson award winner io9 Best SF&F Books of 2011 Tiptree Award Honor List Philip K. Dick Award finalist … More

  • Interzone 250
    Formats :

    Interzone 250 Andy Cox et al.

    New science fiction and fantasy stories by Bonnie Jo Stufflebeam, David Tallerman, C. Allegra Hawksmoor, Caroline M. Yoachim, Greg Kurzawa, Rebecca Campbell, Georgina Bruce. Cover art by Wayne Haag, interior illustrations… More

  • Spirits Abroad
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    Spirits Abroad Zen Cho

    ebook · 9781618731876 · trade paper · 352 pages · $17 · 9781618731869 |

    A new expanded edition of Zen Cho’s award-winning debut collection.More

  • Invaders
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    Invaders Jacob Wiesman et al.

    The invasion of the future has begun. Literary legends including Steven Millhauser, Junot Diáz, Amiri Baraka, and Katharine Dunn have attacked the borders of the every day. Like time traveling mad-scientists, they… More

  • Crimewave #11
    Formats :

    Crimewave #11 Andy Cox et al.

    The evocative wraparound cover art is by Ben Baldwin.


    Plainview Part One: The Shoe Store by Dave Hoing

    Friday, November 28, 1975• The owner of the shop, a local eccentric named Kohlsrud, had liver spots on … More

  • World Soul
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    World Soul Liz Williams

    What if being a librarian was the most dangerous job in the world?

    Worldsoul, a great city that forms a nexus point between Earth and the many dimensions known as the Liminality, is a place where old stories gather, where… More