On Spec Magazine – Fall 2012 #90 vol 24 no 3

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The Fall 2012 issue of On Spec Magazine, Apocalypse themed issue.

This issue features short stories by Contest Winner Camille Alexa (“All Them Pretty Babies”), Kevin Cockle (“Timeline”), Daniel LeMoal (“Destroyer”), Karl Johanson (“Frats and Cheers”), Timothy Gerwing (“Hog-Killing Weather”), Al Onia (“Knights Exemplar”), Douglas Smith (“The Walker of the Shifting Borderland”), Leslie Brown (“Mesa at the Edge of the World”);poetry by (“”); Guest Article by John Archer (The Apocalypse: Just Another Day); Guest Editorial by Sandra Kasturi (The State of Dark Fiction, or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Horror); Tribute to Ray Bradbury by Candas Jane Dorsey (Saying Goodbye); author interview by Roberta Laurie (“On the Train to Success with Camille Alexa”); artist interview by Cat McDonald (“Andrew Czarnietzki”); editorial by Barb Galler-Smith (“We’re doomed!”); cover art by Andrew Czarnietzki (“Angel’s Dark Heart”).

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