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Sep 12th, 2023
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OKPsyche Preorder

A new short novel from Anya Johanna DeNiro.

Listen to an excerpt, “Take Pills and Wait for Hips” on WNYC’s Selected Shorts read by Pooya Mohseni.

An unnamed trans woman is looking for a sense of belonging, a better relationship with her son, and friends that aren’t imaginary in this playful and aching short novel. As she navigates the many worlds she belongs to she wrestles with her many anxieties and fears about the world around her. Her son and ex live in another state. Companion robots are popping up. Environmental disasters are being outsourced from the coast to the Midwest. And at any time anyone anywhere might turn out to be a new friend or an enemy.

In this stunning compact novel, DeNiro confidently wends her way through the real and imagined worries and fears of adulthood, parenthood, and selfhood in the contemporary world.


Read a short excerpt, “Take Pills and Wait for Hips,” on Catapult.

Reviews of Anya DeNiro’s books:

“That trust in emotional urgency over conventional logic to guide a story is, for me, a critical part of a queer aesthetic. Coming out is about obeying an interior, often inarticulable emotional push over majority logics. . . . DeNiro’s gorgeous and emotionally flawless navigation . . .  is masterful, cerebral but full of complex feeling, and nothing short of word-magic.”
— Theodore McCombs, Fiction Unbound
“Surreal and lyrical.”
— Publishers Weekly
“What makes the story even more compelling, is that DeNiro gives you all this, allegory and action, without ever losing sight of the heart of the story: the fundamental bond and evolving relationship between two characters who choose different ways to survive, and yet find a greater power, and maybe even a new kind of salvation, when they come together.”
— Maria Haskins

About the Author

Anya Johanna DeNiro is a trans woman and a speculative fiction writer living in Saint Paul, Minnesota. She is the author of City of a Thousand Feelings, which was on the Honor Roll for the Otherwise Award. [website | twitter]

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