Reckoning 4

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Our future isn’t dried up yet, but its shape is not like you imagine.

Reckoning 4, guest-edited by Arkady Martine and Danika Dinsmore, focuses on the challenges of urban environments.

Featuring poetry, essays, fiction and art by Arkady Martine, Leah Bobet, Jude Wetherell, Anna Kate Blair, Lissa Harris, Brigit A. Truex, Evangeline Wright, Deborah L. Davitt, Wavery SM, Nicole Walker, Fran Wilde, Juliana Roth, Shikhandin, Emery Robin, Kaye Boesme, Rebecca Campbell, William Squirrell, Holly Hughes, Don Dussault, Noa Covo, Laurinda Lind, Geoffrey W. Cole, Tim Fab-Eme, Hal Y. Zhang, Alan Bao, Sydney Rossman-Reich, Commando Jugendstil and Didier Graves.

Ebook release: January 2020
e-ISBN: 978-0-9989252-7-1

Print release: July 2020
ISBN: 978-0-9989252-6-4
Trade paper, perfect-bound. 244 pages; 62,000 words.

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