Puerto del Sol – Issue 47.2

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UTOPIAS!: This special theme issue focuses on the idea of utopia and features a roundtable by scholars in utopian studies as well as creative work by Elizabeth Treadwell, Steve Tomasula, Laynie Browne, and Amy Letter.

Issue 47.2 is 321 pages and includes eight color paintings by Alex Gross as well as poetry and prose from:

Matt Bell, Steven Ramirez, Robin Lee Jordan, James O’Brien, Brenda Rankin, Shome Dasgupta, Lisa Estus, Sonya Huber, Julia Cohen, Joelle Biele, T Kira Madden, Jennifer Buxton, Max Somers, Britt Melewski, Matthew Wimberley, Sheryl Luna, Dani Sandal, Eric Morris, George David Clark, Noah Eli Gordon, Myronn Hardy, Catherine Kasper, David Romanda, Nora Hickey, Sally Wen Mao, Megan M. Wong, Kelsie Hahn, Sessily Watt, and Jeanine Deibel.

Cover art: Alex Gross; Butterfly Lady, Dorothy and Toto, Sleestak, The Bear; 7” x 5”; Mixed Media on Antique Photographs.

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