New York Review of Science Fiction #341

Steve Carper et al.

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Special Atomic Love Issue: Steve Carper: Fiction, The Atom Bomb, and the FBI; Brian Stableford: Maurice Magre & Claire d’Amour; Ron Drummond: Artistic Choices and Kim Stanley Robinson; Mike Barrett: T.G. Jackson’s Haunted Ouvre; David Drake: On Stranger (Tim) Powers; Anne Leonard on Louise Marley’s Terrorists of Irustan. Plus: Read Thises and Robert Chambers’s Prophets.

2 Responses to “New York Review of Science Fiction #341”

  1. Carla Holley says:

    Came here for Ron Drummond, definitely gonna buy, then also saw Tim Powers article. Looking forward to reading.

  2. Stephen Frug says:

    Also here for Ron Drummond!

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