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New York Review of Science Fiction #330

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Special Memorial Issue, in conjunction with the International Association for the Fantastic in the Arts: David G. Hartwell, science fiction’s longest-serving editor and the co-founder of this magazine, is gone. Herein, a collection of memories, conversations, appreciations, poetry, arguments, and outpourings from friends, family, fellow travelers, clients, coworkers, and others whose lives David touched.


A Selection of Books Edited by David G. Hartwell
Patrick Nielsen Hayden
Kathryn Cramer
Gary K. Wolfe
Dave Drake
Eugene Reynolds
Gordon Van Gelder
Mary Robinette Kowal
James Morrow
F. Brett Cox
Marco Palmieri
Henry Wessells
Susan Palwick
Toni Weisskopf
Michael Swanwick
Ann Crimmins
Kit Reed
Farah Mendlesohn
Rudy Rucker
Shira Daemon Houghton
Joseph T. Berlant
Judith Collins
James Frenkel
Jan Vaněk, Jr.
Paul Levinson
Kathryn Morrow
Joe Milicia
Michael Levy
Gregory Benford
Samuel R. Delany
Jean-Louis Trudel
Donald “Mack” Hassler
Paul Park
Randy Byers
Gwyneth Jones
Liz Argall
Michael Bishop
John Clute
Lisa Padol
Andy Duncan
Yves Meynard
Darrell Schweitzer
David Brin
Alex Donald
Jo Walton
B. Diane Martin and David G. Shaw
Ron Drummond
Alexei Panshin
Christopher Brown
Stephen B. Gerken
Kevin J. Maroney
Hartwell’s Laws of Fashion

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