New York Review of Science Fiction #285

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May 2012 Issue

Whither Fantasy: Steven Erikson on the Cambridge Companion to Fantasy; A. P Canavan on the future of fantasy scholarship; Yves Menard & Jean-Louis Trudel, sf across the language barrier; memories of paradise; and reviews.


Steven Erikson: Not Your Grandmother’s Epic Fantasy: A fantasy author’s thoughts upon reading The Cambridge Companion to Fantasy Literature: 1

A.-P. Canavan: Calling a Sword a Sword : 1

Patrick L. McGuire: Wesley Allison—A New Kind of SF Writer: 9

Amy J. Ransom: Bridging the Solitudes: The Bilingual Canadian SF & F of Yves Meynard, Jean-Louis Trudel, and Laurent McAllister: 13

Ursula Pflug: This is Paradise: 19


Another Earth, a film by Mike Cahill, reviewed by Ben Carver: 20
Drew Magary’s The Postmortal, reviewed by Darrell Schweitzer: 21


An appreciation of an appreciation of Joanna Russ (14) and an editorial (24).

Samuel R. Delany, Contributing Editor; Kris Dikeman and Avram Grumer, Associate Managing Editors.
Alex Donald, Web Editor; David G. Hartwell, Reviews and Features Editor; Kevin J. Maroney, Managing Editor.
Staff: Ann Crimmins, Jen Gunnels, Heather Masri, M’jit Raindancer-Stahl, Eugene Reynolds, and Anne Zanoni.
Weekly Crew: Josh Kronengold and Lisa Padol; special thanks to Arthur D.

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